The Art of Materning Yourself To Be a Better Mother

When we are mothers, the vast majority of us have a common question: How to be a better mother? If you don't know how to mother yourself, you won't be able to be a good mother to your children.

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As a life mentor and Holistic Transformational Therapist, I have observed that many carry a very strong emotional burden. When we are mothers, the vast majority of us have a common question: How to be a better mother? If you don't know how to mother yourself, you won't be able to be a good mother to your children. Below, you will find what it means to mother yourself and how you can do it to achieve the goal of being a better mother.

Mothering Yourself

The first door to enter life is the mother. Therefore, the relationship with the mother is the first link of connection and rapprochement with the world. It sets the tone in the way we relate.

The word "maternal" comes from "motherhood," which means nurturing, caring, protecting, and containing emotionally. When we talk about mothering ourselves, we assume the responsibility of nurturing, caring for, and containing ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally, regardless of whether we have received it from our mother. To mother ourselves, it is necessary to develop a series of skills and abilities that I will break down below and allow us to be better mothers because no one can give us what they do not have.

The Art of Materning Yourself

1. The first step is to get to know each other and what we want and what we don't want. Recognize our shortcomings and needs, our tastes and affinities, understand what makes us feel happy and fulfilled, and find what gives meaning to our lives, not based on others but ourselves. It is to investigate in the depths of our being what is what we truly yearn for to be able to work on it. It is discovering what our childhood wounds are. In self-knowledge, we must accept an inner journey to see what happened with the relationship with the mother and with the Father

2. The second step is to identify and recognize our childhood wounds. Once our shortcomings and needs have been detected, we need to start working on healing that wounded child that we carry inside so as not to transfer our frustrations and insecurities to our children. When we heal our inner children, we take care of them. As adults, we can begin to nurture, care for, and integrally contain them. That is: Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We start to mother ourselves because we assume with maturity and responsibility, without depending on third parties to make all this possible. Allowing the past to be passed so as not to go back, recognizing and identifying wounds is recognizing and identifying medicine, that is, healing.


3. The third step is to resignify our history. Identify the high points of your life and carry out the necessary alchemy to transform the wounds. Then, analyze the way you relate to those wounds, know what to do with them, and change the internal story, distinguishing the story of the wounded child and the story of the adult woman who assumes responsibility for her life.

4. The fourth step is to build nurturing habits in which we celebrate the care of our body, root our life through contact with nature, and perform rituals of permanent regeneration through exercise, proper nutrition, and meditation.

This is how things are when we learn to alternate; we develop and transmit the formation of healthy habits that allow us to live in balance and harmony, in the permanent encounter with happiness, the development and execution of our vision, purpose, and meaning of life. If we are focused and clear on what we want to achieve, we will be able to transmit security and stability to our lives and our children, so I invite you to start mothering yourself if you have not already done so.

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