The difference Is Narrowing: This Is The Current Panorama Of The Ecuador Elections

The difference in voting intention between Daniel Noboa and Luisa González, the two candidates in the second round of Ecuador's elections for president, is narrowing .

Daniel Noboa and Luisa Gonzalez

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The young businessman Daniel Noboa, of the ADN alliance, surpasses Luisa González, of the Correista Citizen Revolution movement with a view to the runoff in Ecuador, with 8.72 points in voting intention, according to a pollster Comunicaliza, which in its previous survey reported a distance of 10.28 points.

According to the survey carried out between last Friday and Saturday, Noboa had 54.36% of voting intentions, while González accumulated 45.64%.

In the previous Comunicaliza poll, carried out between September 15 and 17, Noboa had 55.14% voting intention, while González accumulated 44.86%.

Both surveys, which have 95% confidence, were carried out throughout the country on a sample of 5,032 people, the first, and 5,329, last weekend.

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With 33.61% of the votes, González, from the political movement led by former president Rafael Correa (2007-2017), was the candidate with the most votes in the first round of the elections, while Daniel Noboa, son of the magnate of the sector banana farmer Álvaro Noboa, obtained 23.47% of the votes.

Presidential debate

For the director of the private pollster Comunicaliza, the Spaniard Álvaro Marchante, the debate of the second round of the presidential elections that Noboa and González will hold next Sunday is seen as a decisive episode in the race of both candidates to succeed Lasso.

Marchante recalled that the first round debate was key for Noboa to grow in voting intention and, in the end, manage to advance to the second round as the second most voted candidate.

Yesterday, Sunday, the campaign for the second round of the presidential elections in Ecuador officially began, which will take place on October 15, when more than 13.4 million Ecuadorians are called to the polls.

Whoever is elected on October 15 will replace President Guillermo Lasso until May 24, 2025, when the current Government would have ended if the head of state had not opted for the so-called "crossed death."

Lasso took advantage of this constitutional measure last May, when he dissolved the National Assembly, with an opposition majority, at a time when it was debating his possible censure in a trial for alleged embezzlement (embezzlement), which he denied, and thus forced the convocation of extraordinary elections.

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