The Inter-American Court is “optimistic” About Human Rights in Colombia

This is what the president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights said, and highlighted the importance of the JEP and the current state of human rights in Colombia .

The president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDC Court), Ricardo Pérez Manrique

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The president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IDH Court), Judge Ricardo Pérez, was "optimistic" after the institution's recent visit to Colombia, despite the fact that it has "its problems with human rights and the history of the armed conflict".

In a press conference with the president of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), Roberto Vidal, Pérez made a positive assessment at the end of the 162nd regular period of sessions that the Court held this week in Colombia , the sixth time that meets in the country.

"We have a vision that Colombia has its problems with human rights due to the complexity and history of the armed conflict, but what we have found is a very strong democratic institutionality and a very strong connection with the inter-American system for the protection of human rights "said the president of the Inter-American Court.

This makes them "optimistic" regarding "the situation of peace in Colombia, a peace that can only be achieved within the framework of respect for human rights," he indicated.

Pérez and Vidal also announced the signing of a technical and institutional cooperation agreement that will include, among others, the exchange of jurisprudence and operators.

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For Vidal, this agreement "aims to develop a joint work agenda" and ensure that the Inter-American Court "offers concrete support in the development of the complex judicial tasks involved in transitional justice."

Positive balance

"Our activities have been very intense but we are very satisfied with what has been accomplished, we have found strong institutional solidity in Colombia, a strong attachment to the principles of the democratic rule of law and at the same time we have found broad recognition of the contributions made by the court and the inter-American system," Pérez added.

For his part, Vidal said that they received "perhaps the most important message that they bring, and it is the idea that Colombia is part of a continental political community united by international law and that allows us in a supportive and institutional way to promote defense of human rights and the promotion of peace".

In this sense, he outlined "the relevance that this strong link between international judicial institutions and the JEP has for the region, for the continent, in the key to building peace, in guaranteeing human rights and the stability of the search for peace in Colombia" .

During the period of sessions in Colombia, three case hearings were held in cases from Chile, Guatemala and Brazil, as well as five reserved hearings to supervise compliance with sentences in cases from Colombia, a seminar and "numerous coordination tasks."

The members of the Inter-American Court have met, among others, with the Colombian president, Gustavo Petro and the vice president, Francia Márquez, as well as with members of high courts such as the Council of State, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Constitutional Court and the JEP.

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