The new Honduran Embassy would be in Jerusalem

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Is it a good decision to move the Tel Aviv embassy to Jerusalem?

The new Honduran Embassy would be in Jerusalem

In recent days, it was announced that both the United States and Guatemala would change the headquarters of their embassies in Israel. These would no longer be located in Tel Aviv, but in Jerusalem. What appears to be a simple change of venue, in fact justifies and supports the election of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

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In the same way, another Central American country is considering the idea of moving its embassy to Jerusalem. The country is Honduras, and according to EFE, several meetings would have already been held. On the other hand, Criterion newspaper claims that the negotiations are already well advanced and that there is even a consideration of a structure for that purpose.

However, the transfer of the embassy to this city does not come by simple courtesy. According to the Jewish Link website, Honduras asked for certain conditions such as deepening economic ties, cybernetic technological assistance and combat against crime, aid for agriculture and water issues and finally, and an opening of an Israeli embassy in Honduras.

However, one of the main reasons why this decision would be taken is that Israel would be a bridge, a closer contact to the administration of the president of the United States, Donald Trump. This is because the US government has already agreed to transfer its embassy to this city.

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Although the transfer of the Honduran Embassy is still in negotiations, the leaders of both countries are expected to meet once again, in the presidential possession of the Jair Bolsonaro, on January 1 in Brazil.

Why is the embassy change so controversial?

First, we must understand Jerusalem, being a sacred city, is disputed by three religions (Christianity, Jew and Muslims). It was designated as a place to which any parishioner could have access, and after the first religious conflicts, the city was considered capital of Israel in 1967, where the country recovered the eastern part, which was controlled by Jordan.

Due to its religious importance, the city has been the center of disputes between Israel and Palestine. According to CNN, "if Jerusalem is declared the capital of Israel it would be considered a prejudice (…), deciding a question that is supposed to be left in the negotiations and breaking with the international consensus on the holy city."

The political impact of the decision of the United States (and that of Honduras) is crucial. Since it would further inflame the conflict in the Middle East. In addition, with the United States' verdict, it could be considered a basis on Israeli sovereignty.

Furthermore, it is clear that moving the embassy is highly benefitial for Honduras. In addition, and according to former Secretary of Foreign Affairs Carlos López, in dialogue with El Heraldo newspaper, the decision to strengthen ties with Israel "would definitely come a lot of cooperation from them if it occurred." Similarly, he said that relations with Palestine would not be affected, but instead would be with the United States,


LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz
Translated from "La embajada de Honduras estaría en Jerusalén"

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