The strike in Colombia continues, violence in Israel and other news of the week

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March against tax reform in Cali 2021

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We bring you the news of this week chewed and summarized so that you can start the weekend with all the information about the global, Latin American, environmental and sports news of the week.

Violence in Isarel and Palestine intensifies

What initially began as protests by Palestinian citizens and Israeli state violence in East Jerusalem over attempts to remove the Arab minority from their homes, has now morphed into attacks, bombings and missiles between terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. So far there are 30 dead Palestinians (including several minors) and 2 Israelis. Several international organizations and human rights defenders are clamoring for dialogue and for the attacks to stop, but both sides seem to have no interest in negotiating.

Colombia: violence falls but unemployment continues

The protests in Colombia have already been going on for more than 2 weeks. After several nights of tragedy, more than 40 deaths, several clashes between protesters and the Public Force, armed civilians and indigenous groups, the beginning of dialogues between the Government and the strike committee augurs improvements. Despite not reaching an agreement on Monday, the date of a meeting between protesters and the executive, there are small agreements in several cities, especially Cali, to release tension.
President Iván Duque announced the free public higher education for the most vulnerable Colombians during the second half of the year, a measure that could be seen as a gesture towards the Committee's demands. However, future negotiations are expected to focus on other important issues such as: police violence, investigations into deaths associated with the strike, universal subsidy, among others so that the protesters decide to give in.

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This is how the day of the Bogotá River was celebrated

On May 12, the Bogotá River Day was celebrated in the capital of Colombia. As a result of this celebration, the District Secretary created a series of pedagogical events that took place during the week of May 10-13. These were intended to raise awareness in the general public about the importance of caring for the Bogotá River and the environmental, ecological, cultural and social consequences that neglect of this tributary could bring.

Climate Week in Latin America and the Caribbean

From May 11 until May 14, Climate Week in Latin America and the Caribbean (LACCW 2021) is celebrated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This event is held every year and aims to bring together the leaders of the public and private sectors of the region. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, chat sessions and forums are held virtually.

LACCW 2021 specifically focuses on three themes: “national actions focused on promoting economic development; Integrated Strategies for Climate-Resilient Development and How to Take Advantage of Transformational Opportunities ”. It also seeks that the signatory countries of the region comply with the points of the Paris Agreements.

Juventus could be expelled from serie A

Juventus will be expelled from Serie A if they do not withdraw from the European Super League. Gabriele Gravina, president of the Italian Football Federation, clarified on the radio that “the rules are clear: if Juventus is still part of the Super League when it enters the next season, it cannot participate in Serie A. I am sorry for the fans but rules are rules. "


Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2020 to Open

During this weekend, the class of 2020 will enter the Basketball Hall of Fame. Some big name players who will receive this honor are the late Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett.

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