Trump and his limited female cabinet

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The constant changes in the Trump cabinet are becoming more common. However, this chaotic situation is compounded by the low participation of women

Trump and his limited female cabinet

In the Trump government, it is customary to see departures and income of different officials for a position. As stated by CNN, the president has had "three national security advisers, three general secretaries of the White House and three secretaries of Justice and has not even been in office for three years."

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Now it is the turn of women because although at the beginning it had 6, half of them have left their cabinet as a result of "political machinations, unofficial dismissals, resignations and the growing gap between the president and some of his employees, "according to The Independent.

The last to leave was Kirstjen Nielsen, who was the Secretary of Homeland Security. In his Twitter account, President Trump announced the decision, stating that "The Secretary of National Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, will leave his post and I would like to thank him for his service." Similarly, announced that Kevin McAleenan would be the Secretary of Security in charge.

Among the main reasons for his departure is the fact that Trump wanted stricter immigration policies. It should be remembered that Nielsen was at the forefront of many controversial migration policies, such as the separation of migrant children from their parents. According to Infobae, "Nielsen's relationship with Trump has been difficult. But despite reports that the president continually complained about his performance, she remained loyal. "

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What does the Nielsen output represent?

Initially, if the controversial policies to which Nielsen adhered are not enough for the Trump government, it is still not clear what direction his government will take. For several experts, Trump will be able to make much more controversial measures, blaming Nielsen "for not stopping or reducing the flow of Central American migrants across the border between the United States and Mexico," according to Randy Capps and in a dialogue with El Comercio.

To this is added the argument of Federico de Jesus, the former spokesman for the Obama campaign, and in dialogue with EFE, "the fact that someone with Nielsen's nefarious record against immigrants and refugees is not sufficiently in line hard for Trump must be very worrying for those who defend human rights in this country. "

Women and Trump

Nielsen's departure came just two weeks after the departure of Linda McMahon, who was the head of the Small Business Administration of the Trump government. In October 2018, the UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, resigned having held the position since the beginning of the Trump administration. Haley also said "that he would remain in office until the end of the year," according to The Independent.

While the political participation of women in Trump's cabinet represented a low rate, with the remaining three, it is even lower. If the position of Secretary of Security is given to a man, in short, only 13% of Trump's cabinet would be composed of women. A figure lower than that of the administration of Barack Obama and George Bush. According to the Center for Women and Politics of the United States, this figure could be the lowest in decades.

Those that remain

The three remaining women in the Trump cabinet are Elaine Chao, the Secretary of Transportation of the United States. Gina Haspel who is the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and finally, Betsy DeVos who serves as the Secretary of Education of the United States.


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