United Kingdom: Brexit 1 – Theresa May 0

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After more than a month in negotiations, May changed its strategy to avoid a possible government crisis

United Kingdom: Brexit 1 - Theresa May 0

After an intense push and pull, in which May did everything possible to go ahead with his original Brexit plan, the English Parliament has put all possible obstacles not to let the plan develop according to what May proposed.

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Less than 5 weeks for the Brexit to be held, March 29, 2019, the official date of departure from the European Union, the situation is still raw. Despite the attempts, May failed to convince Parliament to authorize the exit. Despite trying everything, from talking to Brussels to fix the problem with the border of the Irelands, dealing with the opposition that tried to withdraw her from her position, among others, May finally gave in to her position and presented 3 alternatives to deal with the problem.

The idea is that no later than March 12, where a new government proposal will be presented; if it is not approved, the next day (March 13) a vote is held to know if the Parliament wants to approve the Brexit without an agreement. If that option is rejected again, a final vote would be taken on March 14, where it would be decided whether to modify the "Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon on the European Union, which establishes the period of negotiation on the exit of a community country", according to El Espectador.

Faced with the extension of the Brexit, May says: "Let me be clear, I do not want to expand Article 50 (…) our main focus should be to work to get an agreement and leave on March 29," according to statements collected by France24.

It should be noted that one of the main reasons why May decided to give the arm to twist, is due to threats of resignation that several cabinet members announced. "Secretaries of State for Industry, Richard Harrington, Digital, Margot James, and Energy, Claire Perry", implore "the head of government to commit to extending Article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union," according to Peru 21.

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Brexit: 1 – Theresa May: 0

With Brexit, the great loser is not only the economy of Great Britain but Theresa May herself. According to CNN, the political scenario will undergo a radical change. It is no secret that the Labor Party, led by the opposition Jeremy Corbyn, is pushing for a second vote on Brexit, something that is unlikely to happen. In addition, May will not be necessary at the post-Brexit moment, so not only Labor or Conservatives will enter the arena, but it is the right time for the creation of movements that are in tune with the population of the United Kingdom.

As CNN puts it, "Britons now identify themselves more as 'Leavers' (who support the UK's exit from the EU) or 'Remainers' (who support staying in the European Union) than they do as supporters of the conservative or laborist parties (…) this means that not only would it be impossible to unite a party behind something, but also drag the voters now is more complicated than ever, "he concludes.


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