What the arrival of Juan Guaidó to Venezuela left

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After finishing his tour on South America, the interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, managed to enter the country

What the arrival of Juan Guaidó to Venezuela left

In the midst of Venezuela's tense political crisis, Juan Guaidó managed to enter the country, without any restriction by the Venezuelan guard. In addition, he was received by a mass of opponents of the Government, who celebrated the arrival. Guaidó ended his 10-day tour where he visited countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Ecuador.

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His arrival not only generated tension and suspense, but it was also expected that when entering the country he was going to be detained. The foregoing, due to the statements of Maduro, who had affirmed the precautionary measures, in which he was forbidden to leave the country, due to an investigation in which the Prosecutor accused him of usurping the functions of Nicolás Maduro; In addition to the declarations of Diosdado Cabello, in which he stated that there would be a "reception committee".

Although the fear was feared that the episode of Guaidó was similar to that of Leopoldo López, the opposition leader who led the Venezuelan opposition more than 5 years ago and ended up imprisoned, the fact is that Guaidó arrived with the support of 50 countries Which, at all times, were pending the entry of the interim president. For the followers of Guaidó, the return of their return was described as "successful", according to Sputnik: "Guaidó surprised us, I thought he would not return, or that they would take him prisoner, but no, he is here".

However, even though the reception of the president could be described as successful and even hopeful, what is coming for now for the situation in Venezuela?

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Guaidó, Venezuela, and Maduro

There is no doubt that with the limitation of the attacks against Guaidó, the interim president demonstrates the power of his political figure because if attacked in any way, international intervention would be immediate. This was stated by the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, John Bolton on his Twitter account.

The presidential status with which he arrived after his diplomatic tour, "instills respect even in the highest spheres of Maduro's regime (not the Chavez' side, because they are divided)", according to El Nuevo Siglo. After this, the interim president addressed thousands of supporters and forcefully said "Maduro cannot stop this brave town that remains on the street. Despite the threats and the armed groups".

The triumphant arrival of Guaidó represents a weakness to the government of Nicolás Maduro, in which the internal division is evident and one of the main reasons why the capture could not be made official at the entrance of the opposition leader. According to El Nuevo Siglo, the division of the regime is headed by Diosdado Cabello and by the brothers Rodríguez, Delcy, and Jorge.

Similarly, the government of Maduro, who still has military support, and who could imprison Guaidó at any time, cannot be underestimated. Meanwhile, the interim president will do everything possible for the officials of the Maduro government to revolt against the regime, "We know that they are forced to march (…) we cannot allow public institutions to continue to be kidnapped", according to El Tiempo. From there arose the need for meetings with trade unions last Tuesday.

While it is in a situation where everything can happen, the fact is that Guaidó will try on all fronts to make Maduro turn over power. For El Nuevo Siglo, Guaidó "would bet in the short term to call a kind of state strike, to block the bureaucracy that maintains the regime, both incipiently economic and political level." Meanwhile, the interim president called for new marches for next Saturday, March 9.


LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

Translated from "Lo que dejó la llegada de Guaidó a Venezuela"

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