Which are the OECD countries with the most stoppages in the year?

The Institute of Economics and Social Research revealed the OECD countries with the highest number of stoppages per 1000 employees.

Person holding the flag of France during protests.

Person holding the flag of France during protests. / Photo: Pexels – Reference Image

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Protests and strikes have been protagonists in the second half of 2019 worldwide. From Hong Kong to Chile, citizens have taken to the streets to let their national governments know their discontent. In some countries, the demonstrations have extended for months, generating political and economic crises that have ended even in the resignation of the president – such as Bolivia. The demonstrators want that through the protests, the rulers listen to their requests and that with that they improve their social and economic situation.

In a study that was conducted from 2008 to 2017, the Institute of Economics and Social Research determined which are the OECD countries, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with the highest number of days of stoppages or strikes per thousand. Many will be surprised to discover that no Latin American nation appears on the list of 11 countries. Although at this moment the region seems to be flooded with protests, it is the European countries that lead the list.

In this first chart, you can see the European countries that are part of the OECD list.

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In this second graph, you will see the two North American countries that entered the ranking.

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As you can see in the graphs, the list is headed by France, a country that is currently protesting against the pension reform that Emmanuel Macron is promoting. The list closes it in the United States, in position number 11.

The Colombian magazine Dinero published the information on its Instagram account and the comments of the users were swift. Eder Arrieta wrote "show the nonconformity of the new generations, each generation will demand more and more and you can never reach a point of satisfaction." Another comment was that of Santiago Morano, who said "to march … is one of the best methods to continue building a better country."

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