Who is Javier Milei, one of the Prominent Candidates for Argentina’s Presidency?

Milei, 52, has been a lawmaker in Argentina's lower house since 2021. He's risen to prominence through astonishing proposals and an anti-establishment stance that has drawn comparisons to former U.S. President Donald Trump and former Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro.

Javier Milei

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With this statement, the presidential candidate of Argentina, Javier Milei, representing the La Libertad Avanza party, defined his entry into politics and his surprising victory in the country's primary elections this Sunday.

Milei's Meteoric Rise: The Unlikely Favorite in Presidential Race

With 30% of the votes, the 52-year-old Milei has now become the favorite to win the presidential elections scheduled for October 22nd, surpassing the two political forces that have governed the country for the last two decades: Macrism (Together for Change), which received 28% of the votes, and the ruling Peronist-Kirchnerist coalition, Union for the Homeland, which secured 27%.

Although the result came as a surprise – as polls had given him only 20% of the votes – the truth is that Javier Milei has become a controversial political phenomenon in Argentina in recent years.

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The main proposals of Milei, who has declared to be a "liberal libertarian," include the gradual dollarization of the Argentine economy, reducing the government's size, eliminating the Central Bank, privatization of public enterprises, ending labor severance pay, deregulation of firearm ownership and the militarization of prisons.

Divisive Positions: Milei's Stance on Social Issues

In addition, he opposes the legalization of abortion and the inclusion of gender and identity education in public schools.

However, perhaps his direct criticism of the traditional sectors of Argentine politics, which he derogatorily refers to as the "caste", is what has resonated with younger voters who are dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in the country.

Milei has been compared to right-wing politicians like former U.S. President Donald Trump and Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro.

A Pledge for Change: Milei's Defiant Declaration

"We have managed to build this competitive alternative that will not only put an end to Kirchnerism but will also put an end to the parasitic, thieving, and useless political caste in this country," he declared once the results were official.

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