Why are they protesting in Spain?

The independence groups of Catalonia march against the Spanish government. Here we tell you why

Group of people in a protest.

Group of people in a protest. / Photo: Pixabay – Reference Image

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Catalan people are protesting against the Spanish government to denounce the prison sentences of several leaders who were prosecuted by the Spanish Supreme Court. Two years after the massive marches in Catalonia to gain independence from Spain, the Court sentenced the leaders of Procés for sedition and embezzlement of public funds. The penalty, according to El País, will be between 9 and 13 years in prison.

Before the decision, the independence movement has summoned to protest in the “Marches for the freedom” to block the country. According to The New Century, several of the protesters, which the government estimates are 10,000, have been inspired by Hong Kong's prodemocracy protests to block the roads.

The marches were organized by the Catalan National Assembly and Cultural Omnium and went from Catalonia to Barcelona. The demonstrations are expected to last until Friday. Although the marches were organized after the convictions, messages that reject violence have been posted on the Twitter accounts of some of the leaders.



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Reuters explained that the Spanish government will act firmly against the protesters, especially to ensure security after excesses in which the Protestants threw stones and the riot police had to intervene.

News in development. We will expand the information.

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