2019: a good year for the Democratic Party

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2019 arrives with good omens for the Democratic Party

2019: a good year for the Democratic Party

The end of the year could not be worse for Donald Trump. First, he had to spend the holidays away from the sun and his family, due to the indefinite closure of the US government and in which he asks about $ 5 billion for the construction of the border wall. And second, on January 3, those chosen in the midterm elections, held in November 2018, assumed their positions.

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The elections resulted in a caucus dominated by the Democrats, since in the House of Representatives they obtained 218 seats, unlike the 193 of the Republicans. A critical blow for the government of Trump, who does nothing but blame them for everything bad that happens in his mandate.

However, this third year as president will have many more difficulties for Trump. It is not a secret that with the arrival of the Democrats, there will be more obstacles for the proposals that are of the president or his party. Moreover, the Democrats are likely to use their majority advantage to bring up issues that were important during their campaign.

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According to The New York Times, in the first months of government, Democrats want to pass a bill and bipartisan legislation to reduce the costs of prescription drugs. It is likely that two bills have already been approved last Thursday. The first is a series of bipartisan measures to finance the Department of the Interior and the Internal Revenue Service. While the second would finance the Department of Homeland Security with $ 1.3 billion for fences, but not money for a wall on the border with Mexico.

Two bills that are already imposed and are the first sketches of a divided government. The Democrats do not plan to take a step back and the more they differ from the Donald Trump government, the more they will excel. Just look at the plans for the protection of immigrants, which seek, not only protect, but grant permanent residences to the recipients of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and other people who were under the state of Temporary protection.

Not to mention the construction of the wall, block of discord between the president and the democrats. What will Trump have to do to get the budget approved? Following this, how much longer will the famous 'shutdown' or closure of the government last?

This 2019 will be a prosperous year for the Democrats, who will have the power to decide what to approve and what not. As long as their ideals are maintained and not divided, I do not see why they are not a beacon of hope for those who differ with the current government. Another essential advantage is the race for the presidency that is already underway. Although there is still a long year to go before the elections, the Democrats will be able to use that benefit to position their candidate and compete with Donald Trump.


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Translated from "2019: un buen año para el partido demócrata"

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