These are the most iconic flamenco singers

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These are the most representative flamenco singers you should know

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Flamenco is a rhythm recognized worldwide and has formed a large number of singers that make this an important art for the Spanish culture, where it originates from. Here we present you some of the most important exponents of flamenco.

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Camarón de la Isla

He is considered one of the greatest flamenco singers in history as stated by the portal as.com. José Monje Cruz – his real name – with only 41 years old was already one more star of gypsy art throughout Spain, America and Asia. He was the pioneer who marked the path of flamenco and its popularization. De La Isla had a life of excess and this led him to develop lung cancer that finally ended his life at an early age.

In 2018 Netflix launched a documentary that is an approach to the genius and anthropology of flamenco that was presented for the first time in a neighborhood in Seville. This icon of such important art passed to appear in front of three thousand houses in a Sevillian neighborhood, to appear in front of one hundred and thirty million prospectors around the world.


Una publicación compartida de FLAMENCO SOLO (@flamencosolo_oficial) el

Carmen Linares

Carmen Linares began to sing accompanied by her father on guitar, it was he who discovered that her daughter's voice was full of nuances and musicality, as published by the portal españaescultura.es. She was one of the first figures of this artistic style to be invited to the Lincoln Center in New York by the Philharmonic Orchestra. One of the most recent recognition that the singer has received is the Gold Medal of the City Council of Madrid for her fifty years of dedication and study of the jondo in which she began at 16 years of age, as published by EL MUNDO de España. Of her indispensable works in the genealogy of the flamenco of the last 30 years is her work of the year 1996 Anthología (La Mujer en el Cante).


Una publicación compartida de Carmen Linares (@carmenlinaresoficial) el

Antonio Carmona

He was born in Granada, Spain, in 1965. He was part of the Ketama group for more than 20 years and after that, he sold more than one million discs in 2006 when he released his Vengo Venenoso project. As he published on his website ant,oniocarmonaoficial.com, has collaborations with artists of great importance such as Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, and La Mala Rodríguez. Among the many awards and recognition that this singer has received is the Gold Record in Spain for the sale of seventy thousand copies and has been nominated for the 40 best prizes for best Spanish song and best spectacular solo among others.


Una publicación compartida de Antonio Carmona (@acarmonaoficial) el

Diego "El Cigala"

"El Cigala" was born in 1968 in Madrid. According to the portal listas.eleconomista.es, when he was 12 years old he won the Getafe Young Flamenco Competition and he was also the winner of a prize in the TVE contest "Gente Joven" that led him to collaborations with artists such as Cristóbal Reyes and Mario Maya, among others. Among the latest works by this important artist is the Reinterpreting the Salsa, in which he bets to accompany musicians of the genre. According to its web portal, this is carried out in iconic places like Cali, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Havana, New York, and Miami. Among the many awards and recognition that this artist has had, is the Latin Grammy nomination as the best flamenco album that according to his portal was the album Corren Tiempos de alegría , as well as being published here, in the recording of his concert with the artist Niño Josele released a CD that becomes a monumental flamenco manifesto of the singer.


Una publicación compartida de Diego El Cigala (@elcigalaoficial) el


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