Brazil: ¿Will the extrem right party and the antidemocracy take over the country?

The continuation of the Brazilian ultra-right at the hands of Bolsonaro could aggravate and delay the democratic processes in our region

Brasil: ¿Will the extrem right party and the antidemocracy take over the country?

The democracy that is so much talked about today is threatened in the most important economy in Latin America: Brazil. The society of this country (one of the most unequal in the world) expresses its disenchantment for the left, the "lulism" and the ideology that has been transmitted by the Labor Party (PT) over more than a decade (2003-2016 ) who was in power.

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The Brazilian elections are marked by a strong tendency of intention to vote to the right and forgetfulness in the advancement of fundamental rights that was being promoted with the PT and Dilma.

The power base of the social extract that handles the threads of the mass media, the opinocracy and the militaristic force that emerges from the Brazilian evangelical prophetic discourse, have managed to install in the collective unconscious, the negation of such complex and necessary phenomena in our region as the Populisms and Latin American progressists.

Jair Messias Bolsonaro is the maximum representative of an anachronistic but effective model, which maintains the status quo in its perfect dimension of the IGNORE INTOlerable but until now infallible. He is a character who does not limit his speech in terms of what he intends to do and say, he omits the political to be clear but energetic. Bolsonaro adduces everything that means the most elementary delay for what has been so much fought: it is macho, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, militaristic and evangelical.

With Bolsonaro, neomilitarism is a way of life. For him, torture and death are vital signs of a historical moment that Brazil had to go through for its development, where civil society is incapable of creating stability and confidence, being the military force the only savior and true form of government. The coup of 1964 is in his opinion, a dictablanda in which they should commit more acts of violence and suffocation.

The military is the first close circle of Bolsonaro. Hamilton Mourao as his vice president, a fervent defender of the dictatorship that until 1988 (creation of the New Republic) the military was sent to their barracks; the general Aléssio Ribeiro Souto and the general of the reserve Augusto Heleno, besides the commander and general Eduardo Villas Boas.

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Understanding how a character with these characteristics has achieved 46% of the intention to vote in one of the ten most powerful countries in the world, intensifies the conclusion that the "Lulista" model failed in the social construction towards a visible democracy and not feasible (which in fact it was).

The business, evangelical and military oligarchies are the food of the reconfiguration of the most retrograde far right and where the "Lulista" model also failed because it had not dismembered the power elites in almost 15 years. Bolsonaro has existed thanks to what he hates so much: democracy.

What is coming for the second round in Brazil is a phenomenon of what that vast but unequal territory means. In Brazil, it is permissible for a presidential candidate to formulate such amazing and accurate arguments against vulnerable groups that were protected by other governments.

Until now, those who suffer from having generated a greater transitory force in the society-government gear have been the social movements that at some historical moment in Brazil, served as protagonists to accompany the real democratic process (and not only electoral).

Brazil is dangerously close to those decades where the true populism created with Getulio Vargas vanished in the past and instead, would be replaced by a minority group of the elite to retain power with nostalgia for a strong, fatherly and even dictatorial government.

In all this, the blame or responsibility is not Bolsonaro as such, but those who will make possible the "eternal return" of Latin American underdevelopment: the society that has voted for the extreme right, for racism, for homophobia, for misogyny, in itself, for the loss of what has been achieved in 15 years.

Dictatorships and coups have not been enough. Brazil condemns itself and condemns the region to the parasitism and obscenity of that elite that governs us since our nations are independent.



LatinAmerican Post | Roberto Viesca

Translated from: 'Brasil: vuelve al tradicionalismo "antidemocrático" de la ultraderecha'

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