Lewis Hamilton: Can he equal Fangio and Schumacher triumphs?

After his fourth title in the last five years, the British driver and his Mercedes team have established a hegemony in Formula One

Lewis Hamilton: Can he equal Fangio and Schumacher triumphs?

There is only one race to culminate the 2018 season of Formula One, held in Spain on November 25, Lewis Hamilton returns to be the champion of the Formula 1. So far, there is nothing of the other world in the conquest, but when we look more closely, and observe that the British were virtual monarch makes two awards back, that his advantage is 64 points, that the officialized in Mexico is his fourth title in the last five years and with 33 years is already the main candidate to succeed in the next two seasons, then yes, acquires a relevant value.

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Hamilton was fourth in the GP of Mexico, but that was enough to overcome Sebastian Vettel in the absence of the two mentioned competitions in November. The British driver was crowned in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018, and he only escaped 2016 in the hands of a teammate: Nico Rosberg.

Previously, at just 23 years old, he had been champion in the 2008 season. With the most recent achievement, he reached the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio with 5 championships and his next goal is clear: to equal the 7 of the German Michael Schumacher.

For the fans of Hamilton and for the driver himself, the expectations in the short term are very positive, because by age, talent and the strengths of his Mercedes team, it does not seem that the panorama changes much at least the following two campaigns so that he would still be the king.

Maybe from 2021 things will change when the new regulations that will modify some details of the F1 are established, that's where we see a change of command in the highest category of motorsport.

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In particular, I did not see driving Fangio, and I can only say that if I fully observed the era of Michael Schumacher and Ferrari, between 2000 and 2004 with those five consecutive championships. Not to mention that already 'Schumi' had been imposed with less experience in 1994 and 1995 with the Benetton team. Now I have to see what Hamilton does, and yes, he has all the conditions to go in search of the German record.



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Previously, Hamilton was not the most popular, and today, even that is the best. If we bring up here the survey that the German magazine Auto Bild recently made among the ten team leaders, who voted to surpass their closest rival Sebastian Vettel and Spain's Fernando Alonso, who seems to be clearly on the decline. The British led the aforementioned voting with 35 points, 22 for Vettel and 12 for Alonso.

There is undoubtedly growing in the Mercedes driver, who would have won the last five F1 titles in succession. At some point in this spectacular campaign, the boss Toto Wolff, said that Lewis is constantly developing, growing personally and professionally. He has maturity in the face of adversity, and takes better advantage of his strengths, as happened at the Monaco Grand Prix, where he overcame to give points to the team. As we always say, it will dawn and we will see.


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