Spain’s Imperative: A Call for Stronger Global Leadership

In a world perpetually teetering on the edge of geopolitical turbulence, Spain has long been perceived as a passive observer rather than a proactive influencer. However, recent diplomatic engagements, such as the joint appearance with Iraq, signify a potential turning point. It is time for Spain to shed its historical reticence and embrace a more assertive role in world matters.

Commitment to Iraq’s Security: A Cornerstone for Change

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, during his meeting with Iraqi leaders, rightly emphasized Spain’s commitment to Iraq’s security. The presence of Spanish military personnel in Iraq as part of NATO’s training mission for Iraqi security forces is commendable. However, this commitment should not be a mere footnote in history but the cornerstone of a more proactive foreign policy.

The significance of Spain’s commitment became even more evident when a Spanish general took charge of the NATO training mission in Iraq in May. This leadership role should be leveraged to drive more impactful actions on the global stage. It’s time for Spain to transform from a silent partner to a vocal advocate for peace, stability, and progress.

Sánchez’s pledge to continue security cooperation with Iraq is a step in the right direction. Yet, mere lip service is not enough. Spain should actively seek opportunities to contribute to Iraq’s stability and development through security measures or other avenues. A strong, secure Iraq is vital for the region and global peace and security.

Global Advocacy: Spain’s Responsibility in Regional Conflicts

Moreover, Spain’s concerns over escalating regional tensions should not be confined to diplomatic circles. The impact of regional conflicts, such as those in the Middle East, reverberates worldwide. With its burgeoning role in global affairs, Spain must not hesitate to advocate for peaceful resolutions and humanitarian interventions.

Sánchez’s call for a ceasefire in Gaza to deliver much-needed humanitarian aid is a step in the right direction. However, Spain should go beyond mere appeals and actively engage international partners to press for concrete action. The world needs Spain’s voice to be more decisive, resolute, and unwavering in global crises.

Furthermore, Sánchez’s advocacy for a credible political process, including the effective implementation of the two-state solution, in resolving conflicts is commendable. But this should not be an isolated stance. Spain should be at the forefront of efforts to broker peace and mediate conflicts worldwide. Its historical experience can provide valuable insights into conflict resolution.

The assertion that bilateral relations with Iraq are excellent is encouraging. However, this is only a starting point. Spain should capitalize on this solid foundation to deepen cooperation across various domains, including politics, economics, commerce, culture, and education. By doing so, Spain can bolster its global influence and contribute significantly to developing nations in need.

Promising Steps: Economic and Commercial Collaboration

The agreement to convene a meeting of the Economic and Commercial Joint Commission in Baghdad in 2024 is a promising step. Yet, Spain should open its engagements to scheduled meetings. It should actively seek opportunities for collaboration, trade, and investment. Spanish companies can play a pivotal role in the reconstruction and development sectors of countries like Iraq, fostering economic growth and stability.

Sudani’s recognition of “promising opportunities” for cooperation and partnership with Spain, particularly in areas like solar energy, tourism, antiquities, and climate change, underscores the potential for mutual benefit. Spain should seize this moment and actively engage with Iraq in these areas, setting an example for others to follow.

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In conclusion, Spain’s recent diplomatic engagements indicate a shifting paradigm in its approach to global affairs. However, these efforts should not be isolated incidents. Spain must cultivate a more assertive and proactive foreign policy. It should leverage its position in international organizations like NATO to drive meaningful change and advocate for peace, stability, and progress on the global stage. The world needs a stronger, more engaged Spain, and Spain needs to recognize its imperative role in shaping a better future for all.

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