The real reasons behind coronavirus anti-propagation measures

There may be more sinister reasons behind all the precautions taken against the pandemic.

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The reasons that they have told us why they try to stop the contagion, seem not to be the only ones. / Photo: Pixabay

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Very much in the style of movies, which show us how fear consumes our minds, we are living our own script today. Lack of certain products such as gel disinfectants and preventive masks, lead us to fear the worst of fates, motivated by hypochondriacal hysteria promoted by our governments and the traditional media. But, what is really behind all of this? What motivates the use of all possible mechanisms to prevent its spread? Here is my theory …

Unlike all the possible causes of death that exist in the current world, which in my concept are associated in one way or another with poverty, which does not necessarily have to be extreme, (A poor person is understood as anyone who does not appear on Forbes magazine or that does not have positions of power in any government), the contagion and subsequent death due to the Covid-19 coronavirus does not recognize social or economic status . It attacks everyone equally and especially older adults (quite old).

If we stop to think for a moment about this niche of the world population, its composed mostly by the leaders of the current governments, kings, owners of economic emporiums, "owners of the world". This is why the measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 seem to be so drastic and there is a great commitment on the part of the powers that be to stop it. This also explains their desire to spread fear in us, ordinary people, because it is in our hands to prevent it from reaching them.

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The virus democratized death ; imagine for a moment Queen Elizabeth of England falling ill and then dead from Covid-19, imagine the owner of the Aval group in Colombia; Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, running the same fate. Money this time does not seem to be an effective barrier against the threat, as it is to the causes of death that afflict most of the world population such as lack of water, famine, poor hygiene, pollution and war. Money this time does not fulfill its role of protecting them from the ills of the poor.

This is how all the resources of power were put in place to contain the spread of the Covid-19 with the unquestioning approval of the media, since they also own them. Propagating fear, avoiding the spread of a virus that seems to be innocuous to most but not to older adults with power, is on the agenda. People run to the markets to fill their pantries as if preparing for a nuclear holocaust, there are people stranded in foreign ports  unable to return to their homes, travel agencies, global stock markets fall to widespread fear, and all this, for what? Why?. To safeguard the life of a Bill Gates, a Queen Elizabeth, an Álvaro Uribe, who have worthy lives but  do not make the same effort to attack or stop the other pandemics that plague humanity.

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