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Due to the contingency, some platforms have made their content available, today we recommend those of RTVE and Acorn TV

Frame from the trailer for the series 'Tell me how it happened' and 'Jack Taylor'.

In times of contingency, some streaming platforms have arranged their content so that users remain at home. / Photos: youtube.com/Televisión Pública, youtube.com/Acorn TV

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There are many ways to support humanity during the global contingency caused by the COVID 19 pandemic, some companies donated medical supplies, others have made their shipping free so that people do not leave their homes. For their part, some entertainment companies have made their content available to all so that those who are at home find something interesting to see.


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Today we recommend the contents of Spanish Radio and Television (RTVE) and Acorn TV.

Spanish Radio and Television (RTVE)

The Spanish series have gained great international relevance, the size and quality of their productions compete with those of the United Kingdom or the United States. The availability of their contents on the internet at no cost is not something new, however the contingency is a good time to explore the contents of its platform, which offers its best complete and high-definition productions of various genres. To access them, just go to their website and search for the series that interests you, it is not necessary to register or enter any payment information. We recommend, among others, these productions:

The Ministry of Time

This series is one of the most successful in Spain, with a legion of fans eagerly awaiting the 4th season. The Ministry of Time is a secret department of the government of Spain, its job is to protect the continuity of history as we know it, since any modification could have disastrous consequences. The many historical figures of Spain and the world from different periods of time make the show extremely attractive: kings, writers, painters, dictators, Nazis and more.

Cuentame cómo pasó

With almost 20 years on the air it has become a classic, the series follows the life of the Alcántaras, a middle-class family from which the most important changes in the contemporary history of Spain are observed in retrospect. It is a series of almost 400 chapters, if you like long series you will not find a better one . The most recent season will have to wait until the contingency caused by the pandemic passes.


Another classic that you can find on RTVE, this series follows the life of Queen Elizabeth "the Catholic" being one of the largest Spanish productions in recent years. Throughout its 39 episodes divided into 3 seasons, the series covers the life of the monarch from before her accession to the throne, to her wedding to Fernando de Aragón, the reconquest, the encounter with the New World and the political struggle of her reign and out of it.

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Acorn TV

The United Kingdom is the other major competitor of Spain and the United States in terms of series, which is why the content of Acorn TV is perfect for getting to know the productions in this country. According to Vuelax , to access it, you just have to follow two very simple steps: the first is to register on their website and the second is to activate a promotional code (SPRING30) that extends the free trial from 7 to 30 days. This code may vary in some countries. It is not necessary to register a payment method, just register and you will have full access to its catalog. It is worth remembering that you must cancel the subscription before the next billing period arrives if you do not want to continue with the service.

In this catalog we recommend these series:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

It is not a secret that the British like mystery and unsolved crimes, that is why in Acorn TV you will find numerous series with this theme, of all of them you definitely cannot miss the cases of "the honorable" Phryne Fisher, a charismatic woman ahead of her time who, among other hobbies, decides to become a detective. Her numerous adventures with Inspector Robinson can be found on this platform, in addition to the spinoff Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, which just premiered in 2020 in selected theaters and is now available on Acorn TV.

Jack Taylor

Another successful crime series, Jack Taylor is based on the book series by writer Ken Bruen according to Cinema Forever . With just 9 chapters, it is capable of capturing the attention of the viewer, the role of Jack Taylor is played by Iain Glen, an actor we remember from numerous productions, among which Game of Thrones stands out, where he gave life to the loyal Jorah Mormont. If you are looking for a short series, this is definitely an excellent recommendation.


And amid all the mystery and murder, the critically acclaimed Detectorists is worth watching, a comedy starring Mackenzie Crook ( Pirates of the Caribbean ) and the experienced and multi-faceted Toby Jones ( Sherlock, Captain America ). The series consists of 19 chapters divided into 3 seasons and portrays the story of two treasure hunters who are part of a club dedicated to this activity. The exploits, successes and sometimes absurd mistakes of this couple will make you have a pleasant time, this series won a BAFTA according to information from El Diario .



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