The vinyl comes back! The possibility of enjoying music again as before

There are ways to listen to music for all tastes, and fashion will always be a factor

The vinyl comes back! The possibility of enjoying music again as before

Today technology opens doors with endless designs in all fields, the variety of shapes, colors and trends is increasing. However, many of these designs that we see today transport us to previous times and mark a new alternative in fashion in general.

The vinyl is a great example, despite being a classic of great collectors who finally married this type of reproduction, nowadays, it is also part of one more fashion among many trends and styles of the new wave, such as " Hypster "," retro", etc. On the other hand, many have returned to approach that unique sound and have chosen to dust and prick those old pasta that once made them vibrate.

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The return of vinyl, acetate or paste, has not only been of great benefit to the music industry in all its magnitude, which has been used as a resource and sales strategy, has also been a good stimulation for the consumer to dare with the acetate one more time, and likewise, so that this and other objects of the 80's and 90's are used in different media for advertising, and even in decoration.

Vinyl sales in recent years have surpassed all record, platforms known as Amazon, Ebay and Mercado Libre, offer not only the famous LP, but also EP, and its boom has been so great that companies have also opted for the purchase and distribution of first editions, limited editions and albums that, within some musical genres, are unique.

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Despite living in a digitized age we can say that the vinyl sounds again.

Many may ask why listen to music from an acetate if today we can listen to the song we want from the album and year desired with just one click on the number of digital platforms offered by the market?

The answer for some is by simple fashion. However, this pasta of yesteryear has recruited new followers in recent years.

There are some myths, they say that vinyl is a type of sound storage with higher quality than a CD or digital music, in my concept it is totally false. I believe it is a way of listening to music in a different way, at no time enhancing or diminishing its importance and properties. What is clear is that it is a classic that many want to relive and know.

Finally, we can conclude that the vinyl has never left and its loyal fans and collectors have always been there. Undoubtedly, this sound will remain for them as the preferred type of reproduction over time. However, I think there are types of reproduction for all tastes, and fashion is always going to be present, and if you can take advantage of these returns in history, the vinyl is a good example.


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Translated from "¡El vinilo vuelve! La posibilidad de volver a disfrutar la música como antes"


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