Trump’s double standars at the UN

The president of the United States was the laughingstock of the General Assembly of the United Nations, due to his controversial speech

Trump's double standars at the UN

"In less than two years, my administration has achieved more than any other government in the history of the United States," the audience, who are mostly world leaders, laughs, "I did not expect that reaction, but it's okay", again laughter and applause. This was the most controversial fragment of Donald Trump's speech, the remaining doubt is, did they laugh at him or with him?

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"Maintain international peace and security, and to that end: take effective collective measures to prevent and eliminate threats to peace," thus begins the first article of the Charter of the United Nations, signed on June 26 in San Francisco, U.S.

The UN was created as a measure to prevent an event like the Second World War from happening again. However, the UN decided to open the microphones of the General Assembly so that Trump, president of the United States, talks about the gigantic advances that his administration presents, like the beginning of the creation of a wall that delimits the border of the country or the amount, never before seen, of funds for the military forces that he intends to strengthen while his government continues.

Even before being elected president, Donald Trump constantly gave and to speak for his xenophobic and racist comments, it is usual to intervene to cause discord between conflicts in other countries and even when establishing peaceful relations with another president public opinion is questioned What will be behind this alliance ? because the confidence in the good faith of the ruler is put in doubt. Even so, the UN prefers to keep the United States within its members and not intervene directly in the affairs of international relations of the United States.

The surprising thing is not that the UN allows Trump's actions and war speeches, what is really amazing is that a few months ago the United States, through Nikki Haley, ambassador of the country to the United Nations, expressed the Trump government's desire for leave the organization. The reasons expressed by the ambassador were forceful, the UN allows members who violate Human Rights such as Venezuela, China and Cuba, the unresolved armed conflicts and the calls of attention of the United States to make improvements in the system that the UN has ignored.

The country whose president is famous for starting a new discussion every week lashes out against the organization charged with promoting peace in the world. However, there are many interests involved, so it is better for the UN and the country to follow allies. To leave behind the incident of laughter in the General Assembly, the president announced the next day that "the fake media said that people laughed. The people were having a good time. We were in it together, "in short, the UN does not laugh at Trump, but at him, according to the American.

Now, in order to improve its reputation, it is necessary for the UN to take decisive actions within the war conflicts around the world, the failed Venezuelan case or the slow renegotiation of Iran's nuclear agreement, they are only an example of the lack of management of the organization. Ironically, Trump rejoices in his speech for the incredible progress his administration has made in strengthening his military army but demands a hard hand from the UN with other countries that incite war. From his Twitter account, the president creates a daily battle while demanding peace from the United Nations.


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