We must say NO to the Constituent Assembly

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A constituent is a perfect option to modify everything that the Democratic Center disagrees with

We must say NO to the possibility of a Constituent Assembly

A few days ago, the senator and president of the Congress, Ernesto Macías, proposed not ruling out the idea of holding a Constituent Assembly. Macías was also the creator of the controversial proposal to extend the presidential term of Iván Duque (even though he had not been in office for 3 months). Immediately, the voices of the opposition were heard, stating that it was something unconstitutional.

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Well, Macías has returned to shake the waters with his proposal. Thus, through its Twitter account, the senator argued that "Definitely it is not possible to transact via Congress, true reforms to Justice, or politics, or to adjust the agreements of Havana, the pressures of the Tribunals and other interests prevent it. The president should not rule out the convening of a Constituent Assembly."

This option is the perfect one to modify the constitution, something that is very convenient to the governing party, the Democratic Center. With this tool in hand, one could say that the new constitution would benefit not only Duque but the senator and former president Álvaro Uribe. With it, they would be able to modify the tax reform and the agreements signed in Havana, they would be able to do practically what they wanted.

Now, Macias's post was just that. A post in a social network that managed to capture the public attention, but it was enough for us to remember that such affirmations prove the reaction of the public, in one of the governments with the lowest approval of the last mandates.

It is clear that this type of mechanism is not what is needed at this time. First, it was not defined what specific points would be modified. Second, the figures involved in doing it are bizarre, and it is well known that it would not go down well considering that next year the 2019 regional elections are held, where mayors and others are elected. Third, we must question ourselves: Does the country really need a Constituent Assembly?

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We cannot deny that there are certain crises. But, the last time a constituent was held was to change a Constitution that had been leading a country for more than 100 years.

This supposed constituent is just a smokescreen for a large amount of taxes that are coming. And they have already started as the Financing Plan is part of this. Increase the VAT to the basic basket is something that will only affect the middle and lower class of this country. The high class and the corrupts will not be affected.

I reiterate that these types of statements serve to test the waters and the political scene. But we cannot fall asleep. We have to be vigilant because when we least expect it, Zaz! We will be voting for or against the realization of this. Now, I can be paranoid and dramatic, but in the country of magical realism, everything can happen. Hopefully, the Congress will ignore this absurd request.

LatinAmerican Post | Laura Viviana Guevara Muñoz

Translated from "Hay que decir NO a la Asamblea Constituyente"


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