5 original YouTube series that you should watch

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What is YouTube Originals? What is YouTube Premium? Where is it available? What should I watch on YouTube? Here we tell you everything

5 original YouTube series that you should watch

Maybe you did not know, but like Netflix, YouTube also produces content. They are not as successful and known as the streaming platform, because it does not cover all the territory covered by this platform. However, the website tries to break through in the field of digital productions for the small screen. For this, it had its subscription service YouTube Red, which since July this year was divided IGNORE INTO two: YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium, the first is focused on music content and the second in series and movies.

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What is it and where can I watch it?

YouTube Premium is the subscription service for payment of the YouTube page, owned by Google. With YouTube Premium you can access videos without ads, additional information about your favorite videos and access to YouTube Originals. These are the original productions of YouTube, its exclusive content.

Unlike Netflix, the YouTube Premium catalog does not vary from one region to another, it is the same throughout the territory it covers. In Latin America, you can get it in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. According to the portal Make Use Of, the genres of the productions are varied and starred mainly by famous YouTubers. Here we recommend you some of them.

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What you can watch on YouTube Premium

Cobra Kai

This series is inspired by the classic Karate Kid movies. Its first season has ten episodes that revolve around the rivalry between the original characters of the films, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, 34 years after the events in the first film. The original actors, Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, return to this original YouTube series to play their old roles. A second season that will be released next year has already been announced.

Rhett & Link's Buddy System

This web series was created by comedians Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. Both wrote it and also star it. They play the role of themselves. The first season revolves around both characters trying to regain control of their morning program Good Mythical Morning. The second season, released last year, focuses on the friendship of these two characters.

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Scare PewDiePie

While it was released two years ago on what was YouTube Red, you can still watch its first and only season on YouTube Premium. This program was starring Felix Kjellberg, a well-known Swedish YouTuber who plays and reviews video games on his YouTube channel. During the 10 episodes of the program, Kjellberg visited and explored the horror sets based on the horror video games he talks about on his channel. This program is perfect for lovers of video games and horror, as well as fans of this YouTube celebrity.

Youth and Consequences

This tragicomic series revolves around Farrah Cutney, the queen of her school, who tries to stay on the throne of the high school. This series contains everything from a typical high school series: jealousy, rivalry, bullying by the way of dressing, social status, economic capacity, etc. According to Make Use Of, after its launch in March of this year, Youth and Consequences became one of the most popular original YouTube series, and how could it not be with all this teenage drama?


A series of science fiction that demonstrates the variety of genres in the YouTube Premium catalog. It tells the story of two employees of an insurer that has the power to travel in time to predict the profitability of its insured. These two men, then, must travel in time 33 years in the future to see the causes of death of their clients and return to prevent their deaths.

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