Which Latin American technical directors will coach National Teams in the 2019 Copa América?

Jorge Sampaoli and Juan Carlos Osorio are no longer with their National Teams: Argentina and México. On the other hand, the future of Ricardo Gareca and José Pékerman is uncertain

2019 Copa América: From Osorio to Gareca, which National Team could these technical directors coach?

When a World Cup is over, the cycles of several technical directors come to an end by contract or remain in doubt of continuity, either for reasons such as withdrawal, exhaustion or better offers from other teams or clubs. Obviously, this also occurs in the Conmebol, where for the first time in many years there are many high-caliber strategists whose names sound to direct this or that team, which is happening at less than a year for the 2019 Copa América in Brazil.

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Here you will find the main Latin American technical directors. On the one hand, there are those who have not yet finalized their situation with the selections they led in Russia 2018, such as the Argentines Ricardo Gareca (Peru) and José Pékerman (Colombia). On the other hand, there are those who officially closed the cycle, such as Jorge Sampaoli (Argentina) and the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio (Mexico). In addition, Oscar Washington Tábarez (Uruguay) and Tite (Brazil) renewed with their teams. Of those who did not qualify for the World Cup, Chile and Venezuela are solid with their technicians, while Ecuador and Paraguay seek to "fish in troubled waters".

However, which technician is the most convenient for each of these National Teams?

Ricardo Gareca. After taking Peru to its first FIFA World Cup after 36 years, the Peruvian re-emerged as a technician thanks to the offensive and proactive style that he tried to implement in all the matches, regardless of the opponent's quality. There was also a change of mentality in the player, which restored his confidence.

However, for "El Tigre" the best option seems to be Argentina, since it is a desire of Gareca to take command of his country's National Team and many believe that if conditions are met he will announce his departure from the Inca team. If Gareca leaves Peru, Jorge Sampaoli could be a good option. This is because his style at the University of Chile, the austral team and the Sevilla of Spain was always proactive. It would be better to continue the process with a strategist with similar characteristics.

José Pékerman. The rumor is that Pékerman would not want to direct anymore, but this is not official yet. What does seem closer to the reality is that the veteran Argentine strategist is interested in taking a position as sports director, which could be in Colombia if he decides to stay, or in Argentina where is has also sounded strongly that option. The albiceleste could use the experience of Pékerman in a new position, only if Gareca is hired as technical director.

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Juan Carlos Osorio. The greatest desire of the Colombian, who is no longer in Mexico, is widely known: to be a coach of the National Team of his country. His results in the Tri were quite positive, especially in the eliminatory matches. His ability to study the opponent and adapt his team to the opponents is one of his main strengths. There is no doubt that, today and after the signing of Reinaldo Rueda with Chile, he is the best option for the Tricolor. However, the feeling that exists is that the people within the Colombian Football Federation (FCF, by its acronym in Spanish) are not very convinced and the priority would be to get a technician to support Pékerman who would be in more managerial functions.

Jorge Sampaoli. After his brief and discouraging cycle with the National Team, the former winning coach with Chile is now one of the first options to supplant Osorio and Gareca, in México and Peru, if he ends up leaving. Sampaoli put the spotlight on himself after winning the 2015 Copa América in Chile with a vertiginous style of high pressure, mobility and attack at floor level taking advantage of the spaces. Nevertheless, that version of Sampaoli was hit after a gray step by Argentina, as he could never have the control of the group and less implant that seal. The Argentine, in my opinion, would be very good in Peru because he knows better the South American soccer and its offensive style. With a lot of work, he can sustain what Gareca had achieved with the Incas. In Mexico, especially in the cultural aspect, it could cost him more.

Right now, is not possible to know what will happen, but seeing how these talented coaches ended up establishing the South American teams, all with a lot of potential, will make the coming Copa América very attractive.


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Translated from "¿Cuál técnico es el mejor para dirigir las selecciones que participarán en la Copa América 2019?"

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