4 Tips for Women to Achieve Promotion

According to Women in the Workplace 2019, a study conducted by McKinsey and Lean In, while for every 100 men promoted, only 72 women achieve.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Women face many challenges as they try to advance in their careers.

It is often heard that glass ceilings prevent women from reaching senior positions, but in reality, the biggest obstacle is reaching the managerial level. That's where only 38 women hold managerial positions, according to the McKinsey study.

The Woman Post recommends four habits that counteract some beliefs that women have about their jobs, which will help you promote yourself more.

1. "If you do a good job, people will notice"

People will not see or value the work you are doing unless you claim your achievements. Women should promote themselves, but they don't feel comfortable doing it because it doesn't seem authentic to them. Here's the first tip: people won't know the work you're doing unless you talk about it. Talking about what you've contributed doesn't make you self-centered. You must focus on how to do it and thus make clear the contribution you have made.

Stop waiting for others to take notice spontaneously and start talking openly about the work you have done.

2. "Experience is enough to get promoted"

While it is a requirement, it is not the only thing you also need to build alliances. They have always taught us to be exceptional in everything we do, from perfect grades to excellent work. However, it is expected to perform optimally. To go further, you need to build some authentic relationships to support you in your advocacy cases. Some women keep their heads down and do not want to talk to anyone until they have mastered all the details.

McKinsey's study shows that women who reach out early on are more successful than those who expect people to reach out to them and go no further to make connections. There is nothing wrong with establishing authentic relationships with people who support you and your career.

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3. "Say yes to everything and try to please everyone"

All you need to do is learn to say no. Pleasing in cases, is a trait that comes from culture, environment or upbringing, and studies show it in the workplace. At the same time, men are concerned with maintaining scores and competition; women focus on collaboration and teamwork. When women can't say no, they take on too much and overcommit. When this happens, you cannot do as well in the quality of your work. Reassess everything on your table, and then if something new comes up, ask yourself: Is this a priority? Does this align with my career goals? If not, say no firmly and with conviction.

4. "It's easy to do it ourselves"

Women feel guiltier than men when they make a mistake and struggle with this idea of ​​being perfect. However, delegating your work is crucial for you to be a manager. Having this “easy to do it myself” mentality undermines your potential to be a good leader. Some people find it easier to trust the work they do and a little more difficult to trust others. But developing others, being a good leader, and managing teams are three skills that will help you become a good manager.

True great leaders exist, and they know their worth and strength so well that they can prove it. Start changing these four beliefs that are probably deeply ingrained in you and start getting the compensation and recognition you deserve.

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