8 Ideas for Student Startups in 2021

The number of business owners among students has grown significantly over the years. And many more students look for the opportunity to launch their new projects.

Ryan Acton

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Years ago, getting a higher education was a privilege achieved by few. They dedicated themselves to the process entirely, having little to no time for any occupation sideways. For modern students, getting an education is still important, but it’s not the only interest they have. Young people tend to reach financial independence while they are at school and, thus, seek ways to combine studies and work.

Some of them go the extra mile and try to establish their own ventures. The number of business owners among students has grown significantly over the years. And many more students look for the opportunity to launch their new projects.



So, we decided to discuss a few interesting ideas for startups for students in 2021. Hopefully, they may be of help to those of you who seek inspiration.

Content Writing Company

Even though one can easily order essay on EssayHub, the need for high-quality writing companies is growing. Today, it’s not only about write my essay service EssayHub provides but rather website content writing in a more generic sense. People tend to spend more time on the Internet which boosts the demand for well-written texts.

If you are competent in writing and know how to create content that sells, the advice would be to engage in this business and bring your fresh perspectives. Today, content creation generates billions of dollars in revenue, so the stakes are high.

App Development Venture

The accessibility of mobile devices and their ease of use facilitated the migration of companies online. However, these days, it means creating an app rather than just maintaining a website. That’s why companies need highly qualified specialists who can design functional and eye-catching apps.

If you are one of them or if you know how to build a team proficient in creating mobile apps, try to launch your own business in the field. High chances are that local companies will contact you first to offer big contracts.

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Voice Recognition Technologies

People use voice recognition tools too often to avoid this sector of technology. Many device-manufacturing companies have already incorporated these technologies in their development strategies. That’s why this trend is likely to stick with us for several following years.

You can enter this field by offering some complementary products or unique features that will make voice recognition technologies stronger. Of course, such an idea requires resources and an R&D-oriented mindset, but since you are at college, you have all the conditions to rock.

Virtual Assistants for Students and Professors

Teachers and students are busier than ever today. Except for their duties and obligations, many of them run thousands of other errands per day. Multitasking often requires significant planning.

Many students and teachers would gladly delegate those organizational matters to a person with skills in calendar management and prioritizing. If this description resonates with what you have in mind, take advantage of the situation and try to build your business by helping others.

Exchange Services 

The idea of sharing has been getting its popularity since services like Airbnb and others have appeared. Indeed, why spend more money if you can give a second life to devices or clothes that belonged to other people?

If you are dedicated to helping our environment sustain, this business idea is for you. Create an exchange platform where people could either resell or exchange books, clothes, or other products of their choice. You can generate substantial income even if you charge a rather small commission.

Notes Digitization Service

Time flies but the problem of hand-written notes stays. Today, it’s getting even more difficult since no one has the time to figure out what’s written to rewrite or type it.

In this case, your service can be of help. Accept handwritten notes, digitize them, and return them while charging a decent price for the service. Such an activity indeed takes lots of time but it is properly compensated.

Local Delivery Services

We are all used to getting Amazon parcels delivered to our porches. However, small deliveries like tickets, official letters, and other staff require our attention and time. Sometimes, we have to commute to receive those small deliveries which takes disproportionally much time.

A great idea is to establish a local or even on-campus delivery service that would handle such deliveries for students. This service will help you take advantage of the busyness students face and can potentially generate substantial revenue.

Employment Consulting

Resume writing services and career coaches are not something unusual. Obviously, many people have already used them to craft a customized application package. However, most of them are done with providing their services as soon as the written application package is ready.

Yet, students often require more substantial preparation for job search. In this case, your help in employment consulting would be an asset. Consider building a company that specializes in assisting clients to meet the requirements of their dream jobs by discovering their strengths and learning to lead a dialogue.



Final Words

If you are determined to start your venture while in college, think of small things that can solve big problems for students. If you find the right niche, you’ll be able to expand your business beyond campus pretty soon, growing your startup into a full-size company.

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