Women today carry this cultural stigma of being superwoman, that woman who demands to meet the expectations of what is expected of her in each of her roles.

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Superwoman also transgresses and if she does not stop in time if it doesn't wake up in time, it ends up destroying itself

This questioning that has been imposed on us, and how to transform it, gives rise to Mujeres del Futuro, led by Paula González Salas, who lives in the beautiful Latin American country of Chile and, as she expresses it in her words, decided that she is determined to change the culture and break social molds, helping women to leave the layer of superwoman and become Smart Woman.

The company of the future, in his view, is more similar to a start-up than to what we today call an organization or a company. It is a place that is moved by a greater purpose than just making money and that is shared by those who work there. Each one knows how to contribute and has the freedom to do so, to act as an owner to challenge, propose and create, taking their potential to the maximum, and, therefore, taking the company to another level from the point of view of productivity and welfare.

What would you think of working in such a company? Does today seem like a dream? But we are not that far from it… the big question is: are we ready?

The invitation is to become a Smart Woman. A woman protagonist of her life, brave, capable of putting herself in the 1st place understanding that her well-being only depends on her, knows what her priorities are, and lives in harmony. She is a woman with defects and virtues, that she knows herself, that she is empathic with herself and capable of living in balance with each of her roles. It is a philosophy of life that allows us to enjoy the professional and personal world more, without putting them in opposites, and to dance in the balance between both.

To be a Smart Woman, we must learn certain productivity and wellness skills that allow us to move towards that woman we want to be and in balance.

This is the proposal: Join this new version of the journey to the future in September 2022 and embark on a wonderful transformational experience of 3 months with 10 other women from Latin America, so your experience will be very intimate and close.

How? You just must fill in your information in this link and we will contact you as soon as possible to tell you all the details you need to know. You have until August 12.

Cheer up, it's our time:

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