Soft Skills: These Are The Ones That Companies Are Looking For The Most

The labor market has changed in recent years and now companies are looking more closely at the soft skills of their employees. Find out which are the most requested and how they will help you in your professional development .

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It is no secret to anyone that university careers focus on the technical training of people, giving them the necessary tools to develop different operational capacities. However, it is important that this point is complemented with soft skills, since the success of a company to hire the ideal candidate will depend on them. What exactly are these qualities and why are they becoming so relevant today?

Soft skills are tied to our personality and ability to interact with other people. Although having them or not will not affect the way we function at work, they will undoubtedly influence our integration into the work environment. Therefore, this covers scenarios such as interaction with colleagues and/or bosses, knowing how to manage time, and even how to face or solve any problem.

To be more specific, the simple fact of being a happy person, full of energy and capable of creating a productive environment in the office, are already soft skills that companies will appreciate and take into consideration . And it is precisely that recruiters tend to look for candidates with these social qualities, because they know that someone like that will be more successful in their job.

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Likewise, it should be noted that these abilities tend to be innate, although every individual has the ability to develop them. For this, there are specialized courses, but without a doubt, the best way to acquire them is through an exercise of introspection and self-criticism about our own behavior in order to identify the strong areas. And it is here that the value of the whole subject lies, because in a world that continues to advance, no machine is capable of producing empathy or leadership as humans do. 

What are the soft skills most sought after by companies?

Every company wants its employees to do their job well, and we all know that. But, in addition to that performance that is expected of them, the contribution of a good attitude helps to create a better and healthier work environment. So, since soft skills continue to gain ground in the job market today, here we tell you which are the most sought after by recruiters.

1. Communication

One of the most essential qualities, not only at work but also personally. Communication is key in every way and companies know the value of this soft skill because through it it will be more effective to interact with colleagues, clients, and bosses. In addition, it also implies knowing how to listen, analyze, be honest, empathetic, and have the ability to express your ideas clearly and in public.

2. Flexibility

Given the uncertainty of what the future may hold, having the ability to adapt and be flexible is a soft skill that is highly valued by companies. In fact, recruiters are always looking at which candidates can handle those unexpected challenges, like new ways of working or company changes. It is also related to the harmonic way in which they are integrated into different heterogeneous and multicultural projects.

3. Planning

That an individual knows how to manage time efficiently means that he is very good at organizing and planning things. Productivity and efficiency are the most demanded skills in jobs, especially in a time where distractions can affect performance, so mastering this soft skill can help you immensely. In addition, it is also usually linked to values such as commitment and responsibility.

4. Leadership

Having a leader in the work team is a valuable plus to be able to achieve all the proposed objectives. This is not a secret to anyone and the company directors themselves know that they need a figure who knows how to manage the group, motivates them, cares for them, and brings out the talent of each member. In other words, this soft skill goes hand in hand with things like problem-solving, decision-making, and unconditional support for colleagues.

5. Resolution Capacity

Sooner or later, problems knock on the door of companies and that is where people with problem-solving skills are ahead of the rest. Every workplace requires a professional who delivers results and acts with speed and conviction when issues arise, and a great way to recognize this soft skill in employees is when they are confident, proactive, and focused.

6. Teamwork

Today, collaborating with your work team is essential for any position. Therefore, you should prioritize collective objectives over individual ones, and in turn generate a relationship of trust between all. Having a collaborative attitude is very well seen by companies since in the end, everyone works for the same purpose.

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