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Geothermal Energy Powers Bitcoin City

El Salvador will create the first Bitcoin City in the world. Remember that this Central American country became the first cryptocurrency laboratory in September 2021 and has been the pioneer in the world in accepting bitcoin as legal tender.

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El Salvador will create the first Bitcoin City in the world. Remember that this Central American country became the first cryptocurrency laboratory in September 2021 and has been the pioneer in the world in accepting bitcoin as legal tender. Here's where you may get additional information about bitcoin trading: Bitcoin Storm.

Najib Bukel said: Everything can be paid for with bitcoin, even taxes; simultaneously, it is moving forward to deploy bitcoin mining using El Salvador's geothermal resources.

The President of El Salvador says he plans to increase geothermal production to feed Bitcoin. In addition, he released more details about the modern city powered by geothermal energy.

In a press release, he indicated that the production of geothermal energy is under the supervision of the company LaGeo.

What is geothermal energy?

It is a type of energy found anywhere in the world where the leading geographical conditions allow the use of energy produced in hot springs and volcanoes, for example.

This type of renewable energy is considered one of the primary sources to contribute to the decarbonization process that usually occurs in a traditional energy process, where the carbon footprint generates its effects on the ozone layer.

Geothermal energy is used through the steam generated by the sources that, once located through subsoil perforation, is channeled through pipes to convert said steam into power.

Cryptocurrency mining Geothermal energy

Berling mountains to the east of Salvador, where a geothermal plant has become the epicenter of bitcoin mining or generation, in this country where cryptocurrencies are legally used.

Bitcoin mining is the process by which large computers generate new bitcoins; for them, machines solve complex mathematical problems, the operation of which requires a large amount of energy,

To solve the problem of high energy consumption, the Government of Nayib Bukele wants to harness clean, renewable energy from volcanoes.

The government of El Salvador is very respectful of the environment. This energy, by its nature, is 100% green; we are promoting this type of energy, and we are clear that only a few governments have it.

It should also be noted that the Government of El Salvador has been pioneering geothermal energy for over 50 years.

The Salvadoran government has now installed a Bitcoin mining center next to these facilities to feed them with the energy of this volcanic activity.

They comment that a single dormant volcano has about an 87% chance of feeding the Bitcoin City of El Salvador.

If this electricity generation option is highly anticipated and Bitcoin City is expected to go beyond the volume of the volcano, it can get geothermal power from other places; Inarguably, there is enough geothermal energy to power Bitcoin City.

It should be noted that the creation of geothermal energy will be in charge of the Salvadoran company LaGeo. At the same time, the architect Fernando Romero defined the project he designed for the border between Mexico and the US as 'recycled' and finally turned it into Nayib El sueño de Bukele.

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Bitcoin City will light up with the energy of the Conchagua volcano

According to the president of Salvador, Bitcoin City's pioneering role model comments that it has become a fully valid city with jobs in travel, construction, trade, and business.

It is there where the potential of this city is found to be considered the pioneer in the use and massive adoption of Bitcoin, hoping to boost the economy not only in the tourism sector but also in the financial sector, making available to citizens all the necessary tools to emerge economically and financially.

Energy consumption during cryptocurrency mining has always represented a high point that requires taking the appropriate measures to avoid saturating the energy systems that supply countries with electricity.


El Salvador begins to generate bitcoin thanks to geothermal energy. The first authority of El Salvador has announced through a short video that El Salvador has started its digital mining operations thanks to the use of renewable energy from volcanoes located in Salvadoran territory.

El Salvador has invested in an infrastructure to collect geothermal energy from volcanoes, supplying 23% of the total energy consumed in the Salvadoran internal market.

More and more alternative energy sources are being generated to protect the environment. However, the electrical consumption caused by mining represents a considerable limitation for a population since this equipment consumes a lot of electrical energy.

It is a great idea to consume geothermal energy for El Salvador since it has a diversity of volcanoes among its natural assets.

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