MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 Event: Women in the Crypto World

Meet in The Woman Post, the most coveted event by women this year. MIT Bitcoin Expo 2022 reflects women's interest in cryptocurrencies.

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In recent years, cryptocurrencies have been the world's boom, and several studies indicate that women enter this business every day. However, there are barriers that they have to face because it is a space dominated by men. That is why The Woman Post invites you to know some studies carried out by experts in which cryptocurrencies impact women in a significant way.

Recently a report called "Bitcoin under the female thumb: A global study of women in the crypto sphere" reveals that 36.7% of women who participate in cryptocurrencies are through social networks. 17.7% are the amount of news, and the remaining 15.7% work in cryptocurrencies. The analysis figures indicate that women prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies to have financial freedom. On the other hand, the report shows that 72.8% of women would like to have educational material to work and invest in the subject.

Another recent report called "Global Report in Women, Cryptocurrency and Financial Independence," published by Marina Spindler and Paulina Rodríguez, reveals that the number of users is above 100 million between 15 and 55% are women. These women boost their financial freedom for themselves and their families and provide movement to many companies such as Coinbase and LocalBitcoins.

The report formally includes women who use cryptocurrencies and offered to get involved in the study to obtain critical results in this technology. Women have shown interest in long-term cryptocurrency investments and investments in digital assets.

Finally, another recent study by the German Bank N26 reveals that women are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, even if they do not have much knowledge, which generates a significant gender gap. The analysis shows figures in which women could start investing in cryptocurrencies in 2022. However, the study expresses a particular profile with a profitability strategy and the minimization of risks; the critical thing is family security.


New MIT Bitcoins Expo 2022

The initiative achieved a space between May 7 and 8 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, being one of the world's best events coveted by all women. Indeed, the ninth edition is celebrated in 2022 in person with a slogan called "Breaking Through," that is, "Opening the way."

This program intends for women to debate, learn, and develop ideas thoroughly linked to Bitcoin technology. The event focuses on building techniques for the female gender used by women with greater experience in cryptocurrencies and generating new investment opportunities for others.

The exhibition has a unique program called "Women in Blockchain and Ladies in Bitcoin," where networking surprises for women will be given. In addition, some talks will be provided in person and online with experts such as Michael Saylor, Jeremy Rubin, Andrew Poelstra, Ryne Miller, Elizabeth Stark, and Tess Rinearson.

Forcefully, these events are spaces in which women and girls can attend in person and online, thus knowing a little about this world of cryptocurrencies. Technology education is the fundamental basis for a woman to remove barriers and obstacles presented to her.

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