Entrepreneurship is a wonderful therapy

An undertaking is an adventure; many people would think. You conceive an idea that you think is great and, from there, a series of dreams begin to take shape in your head that may or may not come true. If we wanted to define it, entrepreneurship, from the entrepreneur's personal space, implies a specific profile that includes attitudes and skills linked to creativity, the desire to innovate, responsibility, and risk management.

María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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Perhaps it would be easier to say that undertaking is an action inherent to the achievement of objectives through the realization of a project (or the improvement of an existing one) that translates into a service or product.

Today there are business entrepreneurs whose goal is the profits they can generate and the people they can benefit, while others are inclined to make social projects a reality that does not always seek economic recognition but instead respond with tangible solutions to the needs of specific groups. The distance between them is established by their objectives without implying that some are better than others.

This definition, which the European Commission made of the social entrepreneur in 2010, makes this distance clear: “Social innovation consists of finding new ways of satisfying social needs that are not currently covered by the market or the public sector, or by produce the changes in behavior necessary to solve the great challenges of society, training citizens and generating new social relations and new models of collaboration. They are, therefore, both innovative in themselves and useful for enabling society to innovate”.

Wonderful therapy

Wanting to make an idea come true is the first motivation to undertake! Doing it with the intention of creating a business, benefiting communities, or promoting culture, among other purposes, could be compared to the fertilizer we put on a plant to make it grow or to the therapy we follow to feel much better. Whatever the goal, the benefits are many:

• It is rewarding to work for yourself and not for others.

• The entrepreneur learns to organize his time.

• Does not have the fears of an employee: Will I get fired? Will there be staff reduction in the company? Will I have access to the promotion I wanted?

Entrepreneurship is a daily challenge that activates emotions because it involves fighting to achieve specific goals.

The entrepreneur forces himself to constantly learn, he knows that it is necessary to be updated. This implies feeding the professional profile because, frequently, he will have to do many tasks at the same time: selling, managing, marketing…

• Meeting valuable and fighter people with whom to form groups of equals, build bridges and establish commercial agreements is another of the contributions of the venture.

• The entrepreneur recognizes himself as a fighter who, very often along the way, discovers his own skills and aptitudes that he did not know about himself.

• A successful entrepreneur changes his own life and that of the people he links to his business or project.

What do you need to start?

There are many considerations that an entrepreneur must make before embarking on an adventure. Many of those who have already traveled this path know that it is not upholstered with rose petals. There are also thorns!

If you have a great idea and want to materialize it into a venture, it would be interesting to take these suggestions into account:

• Define your real investment possibilities.

• Recognize your debt capacity and look for the best sources of financing (lower interest, flexible terms…).

• Do extensive research on the competition.

• Set goals and have the discipline to accomplish the tasks that lead to achieving them.

• Carry out sustainability studies.

• Go to entrepreneurship mentors.

• Design a viable and realistic business plan.

• Understand that every venture sits in the shadow of the risk of failure.

• Surround yourself with people who believe in the business idea as much as you do.

• Be constantly updated.

Let's celebrate together!

From the pages of THE WOMAN POST, we celebrate with all the entrepreneurs because in the middle of this month of April, the work of those people who have dared to specify the opinions of their visionary spirit making a business idea come true is recognized. The result of its actions has made an impact throughout the world due to its ability to generate jobs and move positively.

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