F1 Announces Partnership with McDonald’s in Latin America

In a groundbreaking collaboration that marries the thrilling world of open-wheel racing with global culinary delight, the iconic Formula 1 (F1) series has unveiled a new, strategic partnership with Arcos Dorados, the renowned Latin American franchise operator of the world’s leading fast food company, McDonald’s.

This multi-year alliance promises to infuse the adrenaline-packed F1 race days with the ubiquitous presence of McDonald’s branding, specially tailored for the Latin American audience. Spectators of the Latin American broadcast feeds can look forward to an innovative advertising experience, where virtual on-track signage dynamically showcases McDonald’s branding, ensuring their message resonates directly with the region’s passionate F1 fanbase.

This partnership not only highlights the growing appeal of F1 in Latin America but also underlines McDonald’s commitment to engaging with its customers on new and exciting platforms.

McDonald’s Integration into F1’s Latin American Fan Experience

In a move that deepens their immersive involvement with fans, McDonald’s and F1 are set to extend their collaborative efforts beyond the race tracks, activating their partnership across McDonald’s extensive network of over 2,300 restaurants in South and Central America, as well as through the widely used McDonald’s mobile app.

This initiative not only promises to blend the thrilling essence of F1 with the everyday dining experiences of millions but also signifies an ambitious step towards integrating branded entertainment within the fabric of consumer lifestyles. F1, mindful of its growing legion of enthusiasts in the region—boasting over 150 million fans in Latin America, with notable surges in countries like Mexico and Brazil, where it holds annual Grand Prix events—view this partnership with Arcos Dorados as a key strategy to harnessing the sport’s burgeoning popularity.

Officially kicked off after the inaugural race of the 2024 season in Bahrain on March 2, the timing of this announcement strategically aligns with the anticipation building around the Mexican and Brazilian Grands Prix, slated for October 27 and November 3, respectively, further solidifying F1’s commitment to engaging its Latin American audience.

McDonald’s Expands Sporting Sponsorships Beyond F1

Arcos Dorados’ commitment to connecting with communities through sports extends well beyond Formula 1. In 2023, the company proudly took the spotlight as the main sponsor of the Santiago 2023 Pan American and Parapan American Games, further showcasing its dedication to promoting health, sport, and community engagement across Latin America.

This tradition of sports sponsorship is expanding its horizon as McDonald’s France is nearing a monumental deal to become the title sponsor of Ligue 1, indicating a strategic move to imprint the brand within top-tier soccer.

With talks suggesting a three-year sponsorship deal worth approximately €20 million ($21.7 million) per season, McDonald’s continues to underscore the synergy between fast-food culture and the dynamic world of sports.

Parallelly, it’s worth noting how diverse corporate interests can lead to unique promotional strategies, similar to companies engaging sports fans with opportunities to play casino games in New Jersey, blending entertainment with sporting excitement.


The partnership between Formula 1 and McDonald’s, exemplified in Latin America, marks a significant moment in the intersection of sports, entertainment, and global brand strategy. This collaboration not only expands the visibility of both entities within the vibrant and passionate sports community of Latin America but also sets a precedent for innovative engagement in the world of sports marketing.

By integrating McDonald’s brand into the heart-pumping excitement of F1 races and beyond, the initiative promises to offer fans unique experiences that transcend the conventional boundaries of spectatorship. Furthermore, McDonald’s broader involvement in sports sponsorships, from the Santiago 2023 Games to potential engagements in European soccer, signifies a strategic commitment to leveraging the universal appeal of sports as a platform for connection and community building.

As brands continue to seek deeper, more meaningful interactions with their audiences, the convergence of sports, entertainment, and lifestyle represents a fertile ground for future innovations in marketing and customer engagement.

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