Infographic: The Most “Agile” Countries In Latin America

In economics, the term agile has been used to highlight countries that have the greatest probability of adaptability to different circumstances. These are the most agile countries in Latin America .

Aerial photo of cities located in Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia

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LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

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The North American portal of USNews published a list of the countries with the most adaptive economy in the world. They called this curious characteristic an "agile economy", since they are capable of rapidly changing according to the context and reducing national and international problems and crises.

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According to the portal, a country needs to be "efficient in its actions, adopting and accepting modern solutions, and making progress to face changing circumstances" to be considered agile.

The Most Agile Countries in Latinamerica

Although the Latin economies stand out in dynamism and adaptability, they lack modernity, progress and response to change. However, most excel at adventure and heritage.

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