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Amazing! 6 apps that will help you organize your money

Planning finances and saving money are no longer for accountants. Now you can do it from your phone!

Amazing! 6 apps that will help you organize your money

The startups, the fintech and the small apps that are used every day in mobile phones are invading in an accelerated way every aspect of our lives. From basic services such as food, homes, to applications to follow the development of large corporations, apps have it all.

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A market in which they have proposed to enter is the daily life of its users beyond their basic needs, that is, personal finance or exercise, for example. Within personal finance, there are currently a large number of apps that allow you to carry out different tasks, from setting a budget, to reaching a specific goal. Here we present you the six most interesting apps to save and organize your money.


One of the most recognized apps currently is MoneyWiz. This app, which reached the Google Play Store in 2011, has achieved high recognition due to its versatility and the way in which it organizes finances for its users. Available for iOS, Android and Windows.

MoneyWiz is interested in having in one place accounts, budgets, reports and scheduled payments, in such a way that the user can see in real time the money he has in his account, the expenses he has made and what he still has to pay. This application, according to its website, is available in more than 25 languages ​​and is considered, according to Google Play, as one of the most powerful in the market.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

This app, quite popular in the US market, offers a unique methodology that has earned it a place among the most famous apps, being even the most used in 2013, according to Lifehacker magazine. Its methodology is to give each dollar a job, that is, to make all the money of the users is destined for a specific purpose, in such a way that there are no unexpected expenses or economic lapses.

The interesting thing about this application is that it forces its users to work with their real budgets, instead of being able to include estimated data. This methodology is complemented with tips that help the user find a balance in their expenses and a community that constantly provides feedback on the best ways to organize personal finances. The app is available for iOS, Android and Windows.

Coinch: saving together and Zaveapp

These two apps share a common goal that does not have the previous ones: they are designed specifically to save. While all the apps mentioned here have the ability to help save their users, these two take it as a flag.

Both the Mexican Zaveapp and Coinch are based on the concept of a "virtual piggy bank", a figure that seeks to establish a concrete objective of saving and that finds the best ways to balance the expenses of its users so that they effectively spend less.

Zaveapp allows its users to set an objective and allocate a specific amount of their cards or their accounts for a certain time, in such a way that the app will save for you. Coinch, meanwhile, will tell you when it is time to stop spending or how you can do it more efficiently, so that the money you save goes directly to your "piggy bank". These applications are available on iOS and Android.

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As we have seen, the methodology of each of the apps is different, since there are many ways to organize our personal finances. Dollarbird is not the exception.

This app bases its method on the synchronization of the accounts with the calendar of its users, in such a way that the expenses are related to specific days and it is possible to access daily, monthly and even annual reports. This app is available on iOS and Android.

BBVA Bconomy

The Spanish bank, which sells technological integration as one of its strongest points, presents BBVA Bconomy, an app that tries to combine aspects of several of the above. This app focuses its attention on four points: how much you save per month, your economic freedom, your spending on housing and your spending on debt.

Their interest is that users have more and more information about the way they spend money. That way they can make smarter decisions. The interesting thing about this app is the support provided by the banking institution, something that contrasts with other startups, which are usually ideas of a small group of people. It is available for iOS and Android.


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