Here are five business trends for 2020

This trends may result interesting for you if you are trying to start a business in 2020.

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This week we have talked a lot about women entrepreneurship and the many challenges we still face compared to our male coleagues. These include less finantial support, being judged on personal decisions, gender bias, among others. 

Even though we have done a great work, there are still a few things that we have to achieve in order to make our business grow. With that in mind, here are five business trends for 2020 that you must keep an eye for if you, as a woman, are planning to start a business. 

1. Going green may be the answer

According to small business trends, 2020 is all about green initiatives. But being just green is not enough, you have to show your consumer what it means to you and why they should chose you over several options, be authentic, be creative. For example, as read on Entrepreneur, there is a popular women`s clothing maker called Lunya that uses natural products and cotton, lowering their footprint as well as their client`s.  

2. Focus on stories

According to Tech crunch, we are living in a visual area in which stories are going to take over the business industry, since they are growing 15X faster than feeds. So in 2020, stories will be one of the main tools for brands to send their message and connect authentically with their audience. 

3. User reviews are important

Fan & Fuel reported that 92% of people will have doubts to make a purchase online if there are not reviews available. As read on connect team, even if you don`t want to make a lot of effort when it comes to marketing, focusing on user reviews may help you take your business to the other level. When real people recommend you, more people will come your way. 

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4. Gig work is growing

As read on GallUp, “in recent years much has been made about the rise of the gig economy, a labor market characterized by nontraditional, independent, short-term working relationships.” Employees like the flexibility of time, the opportunities to be creative and the autonomy they have. In 2020 this modality of work is going to keep growing and it works great for small business owners who yet don`t have the tools to pay huge salaries and want a great work force. 

5. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are going to keep growing

According to entrepreneur, the artificial-intelligence industry will keep growing and have a significant impact in the coming years. This is specially because this kind of tools help increase customer`s experience and works perfectly fine in order to attend their claims via chatbot or virtual assistances. It is all about great and better customer service. 

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