How good is the relationship between Carlos Slim and AMLO?

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Although AMLO said that his relationship with the businessman is still good, since he became president, there have been indications that suggest otherwise

How good is the relationship between Carlos Slim and AMLO?

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The relationship of now president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and billionaire Carlos Slim goes back almost two decades. Together they collaborated on several projects, such as the renovation of the historic center of Mexico City when López Obrador was mayor. Most of Slim's fortune comes from telecommunications, although it also covers sectors such as construction, banking and mining.

However, when the leftist politician came to the presidency and announced his business advisory council in November to the surprise of many, Slim was not there. In addition, AMLO recently announced that it would create a company to provide internet to marginalized areas, which was interpreted as a competition announcement with Carlos Slim, who is a telecommunications mogul in the country.

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"We are going to tell you with great respect to the companies that have had the concessions, go aside, because now the government is going to put your company to communicate with the Internet to all Mexicans," the president said at an event in Nayarit, in the municipality of Jesús María. AMLO also called attention to dealerships that have not finished the Jala-Puerto Vallarta highway, whose construction is in charge of Grupo Carso, which Slim owns. The president threatened to take the concession from the group if they do not finish the road soon.

Roces around the construction of the Mexico City airport

We must also mention what happened with the airport that was being built in Mexico City. The project, which would cost USD $ 13,000 million, was to be canceled by López Obrador, but according to the US media Bloomberg, which published the testimony of two anonymous sources, Slim wrote a letter by hand and sent it to López Obrador. In it, Slim proposed to the president the option of granting him the concession of the project so that he could be in charge of the construction, this meant delivering the airport to the private sector.

In the letter, Slim also proposed to take over the operation of the Toluca airport, but López Obrador did not accept Slim's proposals and preferred to follow the airport project with a public referendum, which ended with the cancellation of the same. "Slim, who invested heavily through construction contracts and a financing vehicle, received a heavy blow, and the note and response of López Obrador give an idea of the cooling of a seemingly good relationship," said the Bloomberg portal.

It could be thought that López Obrador has decided to distance himself from Slim for political reasons that respond to what he promised upon reaching the presidency since one of the promises during his campaign was to restrain Mexico's corporate elite. Despite that, recently AMLO said that his relationship with Slim is still good "the relationship with Carlos Slim is good, as with all entrepreneurs. We are very interested in maintaining good relations with the business sector in Mexico. "On the other side, the spokesman of businessman Arturo Elías Ayub, also assured that there is no conflict "Slim is in total agreement with the main priorities of AMLO, such as the fight against poverty, corruption and improving public safety."


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