How to Choose a Sales Enablement Platform?

Sales enablement platform is an indispensable assistant in arranging the collection and systematization of important information, useful content, and training materials, which can improve the efficiency of the company, in particular, to increase sales.

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The platform helps to improve the process of interaction with potential and existing customers at all stages. Free sales enablement tools automate the process of analyzing the interaction between leads and company content, optimize the effectiveness of the web platform and make it easier and faster to access any important information. For example, using virtual deal rooms you can connect and work with dozens parties with process security 

All this helps to work on content improvement and adjustment of the advertising campaign for dynamic business development.

Importance of Sales Enablement in Business

The importance of using sales enablement templates cannot be overstated. Competition in the market is constantly growing. Attracting the attention of a potential client and retaining a regular one is becoming more and more difficult. 

Direct sales through the word "Buy", and "Order" do not interest and often discourage customers. Expert-level useful content helps to catch their attention and unobtrusively lead them to the purchase. Companies that have timely realized this fact and started using sales enablement in a short period of time are ahead of their competitors because the system enables them to

  • clearly structure valuable information, quickly and accurately select and give it to potential customers at their request;

  • provide only relevant and important information if there are any changes, you can quickly edit or delete a file that becomes irrelevant;

  • track and analyze the quality of interaction between leads and content to promptly change the scheme and tactics of work.

Among other things, marketing enablement makes it easy and quick to get new employees on board. As a rule, employees with experience are very reluctant to share the information they know and the knowledge they have gained due to the build-up of expertise. As a result, it takes a few months for new employees to understand all the processes, learn the information they need for effective work, and learn how to use it. An interactive sales tool simplifies this process, new professionals quickly get everything they need to work and start working effectively for results in the first weeks.

Sales Enablement: Practical Knowledge for Beginners

In addition to their usefulness in attracting customers, sales enablement companies are of great value for new salespeople since they can provide information on:

  • work processes (for example, a guide to using the CRM, 1C, information regarding the setting up of advertising, lead generation, and instructions for the use of various sales tools);

  • the valuable experience of successful employees of the company (ready working schemes of sales, phrases, turns, which help unobtrusive to sell, the data, in what time there is the most effective interaction with customers and much more);

  • a clear statement of goals and objectives to be achieved during the reporting period (for example, a quarter, six months, or a year), and their detailing.

All this information, well systematized and accessibly described, enables new employees to get into the work process on their own and learn while on the job without having to take any of the experienced employees' time. This also increases the efficiency of the entire company and its specific departments.

Managing and Compiling the Sales Enablement System

In medium and large companies, one person or a whole team is responsible for filling the system and managing its work. Entrusting this work to an employee who already has other responsibilities is not worth it. Efficiency, in this case, cannot be achieved, because the sales enablement solution requires a lot of resources and the full attention of his manager.

In smaller companies, you can entrust the work to the marketing team. They are closest to the information that you will need to work with, they have experience in attracting customers and will be able to describe everything clearly, and create understandable instructions for the sales team.

There is no need to have preliminary training on system management. The official website of the developer has detailed instructions that will help you quickly learn how to fill in the information and set up a convenient search for employees.

Choosing Sales Enablement Solution

In today's market, there are a lot of proposals, and modifications of Sales enablement, they all have approximately the same functionality but differ in terms of usability, performance, and interface quality.

For the first implementation of the system and for companies that decided to change their outdated or inconvenient, low-quality system, the ideal solution would be a sales enablement tool by PandaDoc. The advantages include:

  • regular updates without damaging the data stored in the system;

  • saving time when working with the system thanks to a well-designed interface;

  • clear search system enables new employees to quickly understand the functionality and find the information they need easily;

  • affordable cost along with the high quality of the product;

  • 24-hour technical support, prompt correction of technical problems in case of their occurrence;

  • user-friendly functionality, and ease of operation of the system, which allows those responsible for the management and filling information to quickly grasp the workflow;

  • clear instructions on how to work with the system will save a lot of time for the employees responsible for its management.

Detailed information about the system is presented on the official website of the company. There you can also contact the support team and ask questions about the software. You can buy this product at a favorable price on the main page.

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