Infographic: Which Is the Region of the World that Buys the Most Weapons?

The Stockholm International Peace Institute details that in 2022, several regions of the world had a reduction in the purchase of weapons, except for Europe and East Asia.

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The world has reduced its purchase of arms! Or at least that is what the Stockholm International Peace Institute (SIPRI) has identified in its report. According to SIPRI, within the period from 2013 to 2017 and compared to the period from 2018 to 2022, most countries have reduced their spending on weapons. The study is carried out with public information on the purchase or sale of arms to other countries. This means that the increase in spending on domestic production cannot be determined. Data collection is done in this way, which may show a trend and not so much an anecdote of sporadic spending increase.

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Although in general, spending on imported weapons is lower, it does not necessarily mean that it is a peaceful world. For example, today Russia sells much less war material abroad, because it has to allocate the largest amount of arsenal for the war with Ukraine.

Which Is the Region of the World that Buys the Most Weapons?

The fall in the Russian arms market can be evidenced by the reduction in exports to India (the largest recipient of Russian arms) which lowered its spending on foreign weapons by 37%. Only China (+39%) and Egypt (+44%) were major Russian customers increasing arms purchases from Russia.

SIPRI points out that the reduction in Russian sales can also be explained by an increase in the internal market or a priority given to the need for weapons within the same country due to the conflict with Ukraine.

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