Is Burnout Affecting the Growth of Female Entrepreneurship?

She is concerned about a phenomenon that affects female entrepreneurs, burnout, or feeling burnt out in the attempt to create a business. Is there a remedy? Yeah!

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo

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She is the fairy godmother of female entrepreneurs, always with an eye on sustainable business models that generate positive social and environmental impact. That has been her permanent commitment in decades of professional practice in the public and private spheres.

She is recognized for her participation in the show Shark Tank Colombia and although she is no longer a member of the group of investors, she maintains a relationship with the entrepreneurs with whom she established support commitments.

She dedicates her attention and energy to creating BIC (Benefit and Collective Interest) companies that integrate a worldwide movement. A thousand of them are in Latin America: "They have a long history and recognition in the market for their sustainable practices, not only do they focus their activity on generating profits, but also include social and environmental purposes in their DNA, they are called B companies," explains Alejandra, who since 2022, he has been part of the board of directors of System B in Colombia, which belongs to a global organization for which the importance of a company is not to be the best in the world but to be the best for the world.

Friendly muses

Many women entrepreneurs have passed through Musas, a company created by Alejandra Torres seven years ago, whose companies are now certified B and the effort continues to bring those that can be promoted to the goal: “I choose them because they tend to protect the environment and to be defenders of social causes such as support for mothers who are heads of households, women in vulnerable conditions, inclusion and the use of recycled materials and other environmentally friendly materials. Both they and their clients want a better world for everyone.”

Alejandra invests time and money in the venture because she believes in female leadership and her dedication to the fulfillment of purposes. She invests seed capital in new proposals through Musas Invest: "It has been a pleasant experience that has inspired me to create Musa Emprende, an academic program, and vehicle to support many more women who dream with a cause and entrepreneurs with a purpose."

The Musa Emprende portal teaches women to invest their time correctly, align with their passions, strengthen themselves emotionally and boost their productivity, among other things: “It is a radical change because they go from a 24-hour delivery to their businesses to working with peace of mind connecting with their psyche, taking productivity to much higher levels.”

The dark side of entrepreneurship

Alejandra shares her concern about the burnout phenomenon that affects entrepreneurs, recently made visible by a study published by the Rockstar Latin America research office, which concludes that 90% of startups on this side of the world are failing, burning out in the attempt due to lack of tools to scale, formalize their businesses and extend their commitments to the long term”.

What is the background of these failures? Many entrepreneurs experience mental health problems linked to insomnia, anguish, and fatigue; they see their lives affected by excess responsibilities. Alejandra explains: "Burnout is the emotional result of long periods assuming very heavy workloads that affect emotions." Entrepreneurial women are easy targets because the Latino culture has taught us to be responsible for ourselves, take on housework, be wives, family members, and mothers, and if we add demanding business activities, the matter can become a collapse. The Covid-19 pandemic that forced isolation, aggravated this situation".

Is there a remedy? Of course! According to Alejandra Torres, the beginning of the remedy is to ask for help, otherwise, the affected woman could end up socially isolated and feel unproductive to the point of not wanting to get out of bed. She is seized by a total block as if she is burned out.

Starting on March 8, 2023, Alejandra Torres will address this topic in depth with specialists during a 4-day seminar in which the participating women will learn to be "dragons", and not burn out. Register now! l at

The purpose of this meeting is for the entrepreneur to assimilate the importance of taking care of herself to be productive, generating an impact with much less effort.

If you have felt that your mood and your energy are affected and this has an impact on your entrepreneurship or business model, it is time to listen to Alejandra! At The Woman Post, we are interested in the comprehensive well-being of women around the globe.


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