Meet the “Puras Duras” in the Digital Economy

The program links a group of women who provide services each in their professions but in a novel way that is with technology and the digitization of their companies. Altogether they compete with other companies, not only for their services but also for the value that categorizes them. That is why The Woman Post seeks to transmit the Event of the Pure Duras with a focus on women who achieved the power to connect with the outside world, through the digitization of their companies.

Carlex Araujo

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Caterine Castillo Ceballos

CEO and co-founder of Neivor

The leader believes that if she believes that to open markets, depth and knowledge are required. In addition, he suggests that with Neivor you have the solution to housing management. That is why each of us has a responsibility to help uplift other women. However, she says that we need to understand that there are many women with a lot of potentials who may be at a different stage than you and who have not yet discovered it. Neivor was born in Colombia and sought to expand into Mexico because digital commerce is more successful. Neivor is a company that seeks to digitize the management of condominiums, through a platform where they focus on interacting as necessary to stay connected.

María Echeverrí Gómez

CEO and co-founder of Muni

The entrepreneur believes that her perspective is based on reaching people who do not buy online because of the high commission costs and distrust that technology produces. That is why he suggests impacting a majority of Latin Americans who do not have access to technology. Muni offers essential items for communities with prices up to 40% lower and the best thing is that they are without additional shipping costs or services.

Manuela Sánchez

CEO and co-founder of Laika

Manuela Sánchez intended to generate expansion strategies and business lines to lead the international expansion of Laika a hairy universe. The leader considers it to be a multichannel platform of services and products for pets. In addition, it has 40 products and 17 services that can be at home.

Daniela Izquierdo

CEO and co-founder of Foodology

The professional designs and creates startups of virtual kitchens, with a unique style the drives restaurants. The entrepreneur considers that she is a woman passionate about her profession and wants to link conceptually, structurally, virtually, and digitally enthusiasm with the profession. Foodology seeks to generate space on a digital platform to reach a large number of consumers, without having to make remodeling in commercial premises.

Angela Acosta

CEO and co-founder of Morado

The founder believes that you should listen to everything others say, listen and listen, but then do what you want. In addition, she suggests transforming the beauty industry and seeking to impact other women with the style of Purple. Morado is an online store or a beauty supply startup. The company decided to share and interact as they came with Angela Acosta.

Forcefully, this group of women covers an important sector of professions virtually, and all managed to create startups of their professions and achieved success in various parts of the world. However, The Woman Post publishes on its social networks for other women to promote similar groups and progressively increase female success.

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