Mining Companies Are Investing in Women Success

Currently, stereotypes, the wage gap, discrimination, and even men are some of the obstacles that women must face in mining work. That is why it is important to promote gender equality so that mining companies are much more profitable and innovative.

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A recent study called "Why Women Leave the Mining Industry and What Mining Companies Can Do About It" by Hannah Ellix of Metals and Mining McKinsey reveals that only 8-17% of mining work is women. However, mining companies require diversity and strategies to face success. The data collected indicate that attracting women to mining, as well as their retention and promotion to high-level positions, is a challenge that generates competition in the sector.

The report shows that unfortunately no solution is implemented in a dizzying way to increase this representation. However, transformations can be applied that provide the starting point for closing the gap. The important thing is to change the mindset and behavior of employees and make sure that managers give continuity to the mission.

Other Similar Studies

Another similar study presents the results of the fourth version by Vantaz, Specialized Mining Consulting, reveals that in the employment of mining it is 89.3% in the male gender and only 11.7% is female, of which 13.7% are professionals, 3.0% are maintainers, 7.9% are operators and 6.3% are supervisors. The data collected shows that the new dimensions incorporated in the report are motivation, job equity, professional development, leadership commitment, and the impact of COVID-19.

The findings indicate that the degree of satisfaction of women is 44%. However, in men, it is 42%. 62% of women consider that men receive a higher salary. Like that, 71% of women think that men have access to more opportunities to develop as professionals. That is why the female gender maintains more critical positions based on the appreciation of equity. According to some media, several leading companies in the mining sector awarded awards to the most outstanding woman in the mining of 2021.


Ana Bran Hernández

The HEUMA Consortium gave the award to Ana Bran Hernández for being a role model for the new generations that will be incorporated into the mining field. Ana Bran, Head of the BHP Center of Excellence for Maintenance and Engineering was awarded in Chile for two consecutive years.

María Eugenia Morales

El Abra Mine (Freeport-McMoRan) granted the award to María Eugenia Morales for 14 years of mining work as an Industrial Civil Engineer.

Andrea Oyarzún

Cerro Bayo Mine gave the award to Andrea Oyarzún, Superintendent of Human Resources who for 16 years has been a crucial part of the company. In addition, she is considered a leader capable of taking on great challenges in an equitable manner. Oyarzún represents the deep-rooted values of female insertion and highlights her commitment to the mining industry.

In short, The Woman Post invites you to be part of these excellent women who dared to challenge the mining industry. In addition, to recognize the great work, the development of mining activities, and the gallantry of companies to increase the role they play in them.

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