She Is Global Forum, Committed to Closing Gaps Between Men and Women

The Convention Center of the Hilton Hotel in Barranquilla will host the great She Is Global Forum event that will be held between October 28 and 30, 2021. At the head of this great initiative is the Colombian Nadia Sánchez.

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The She Is Global Forum event will be held between October 28 and 30, 2021 in virtual and face-to-face stages in which more than 25 companies from public sectors and private make their contributions. 

The "power of change" is the slogan of Nadia Sánchez, creator of She Is, who extends her open invitation to this event whose backbone is the promotion of female empowerment at a global level. For this reason, several leaders will meet on the dates who, aware of their feminine power, have stories to tell, stories of life and professional successes that inspire and make it clear that any of their peers can achieve what they set out to do.

She Is have been sowing its positive influence in more than 20 countries. Specifically, in Colombia, explains Nadia, "during 6 years there has been a significant growth in gender equity issues and doors have been opened through public policies that allocate funds for women in an ecosystem that continues to strengthen."

This year is the third version of the She Is Global Forum, a meeting whose purpose is to contribute to closing the gaps between men and women. Among the most important actions of this organization is the publication of a book of good practices that includes 25 cases of successful companies in actions for gender equality that implement safety and diversity policies in their work environments. According to Nadia Sánchez, "this book is the result of a joint investigation of a year and a half carried out by She Is and the Universidad de Los Andes."

The activities planned for this third version of the Global Forum are free to access. Taking into account that capacity is limited, those interested should register as soon as possible at

She Is Global Forum is sponsored by large companies such as Bavaria, PepsiCo, Bancolombia, Philip Morris, Scotiabank, and Banco de Bogotá, among others.


Founder of She Is

Nadia Sánchez, who is a business administrator and a specialist in human rights, is at the head of She Is, an organization that she created inspired by her father who always believed in gender equality and "fought for the empowerment of women who, from his perspective, add a lot of value to the societies in which we live."

Among the purposes of this empowered Colombian woman who fights for the rights of women and girls in the world are "to consolidate the Global Forum as a great ecosystem with a country brand; continue to generate actions around equity in business scenarios of the public and private sectors; take the purposes of She Is to an increasing number of countries and continue to unite voices to nurture a global agenda that calls for the strengthening of joint actions and forces in support of women and girls."

Her inspirational phrase is that "every woman should look for opportunities to achieve success and then measure this success through the number of women that can help."

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