Take Advantage of the Power of Know-How in the Labor Market

The current labor trend shows that the most vital power of the human being is not housed in physical strength but in mental strength and knowledge. That is why the labor position of women is on the rise.

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Physical strength is not required to apply for a job, which makes women increasingly competitive in the labor market since what is needed by employers is knowledge and soft skills.

Graphic designer, marketing leader, virtual assistant, copywriter, YouTuber, community manager, online coach, online consultant, programmer, typist, translator, and video editor, among others, demonstrate how the future of work revolves around knowledge and content. Machines have come to replace labor in developing or manufacturing objects, machinery, and equipment. Consequently, choosing a job at the local, national or international level becomes easier for those who possess and manage digital knowledge.

Due to the pandemic, the return to companies in person is being revalued by workers, particularly women. According to research conducted by McKinsey Talks Talent, about a third of people who have voluntarily left their jobs have returned full time. The rest look for what works for them based on their priorities in different areas of their life.

In their role as mothers and caregivers, women prefer to work from home to continue caring for their children, so there will continue to be a shortage in face-to-face roles on the front line (production). Many people retire early because their priorities have changed. This means that the conditions for the companies change as well since they must rethink the relationship with the workers, reaching agreements that are more favorable to both of them. Workers have felt free to choose whether or not to return according to the conditions offered to them. For this reason, they opt for independent and virtual jobs where they have management and distribution of their time according to their needs.

The link between employer and employee becomes an association that establishes an adequate and convenient exchange for the parties. According to Mckinsey's study, the scenarios change depending on each country's cultural and economic context. However, the world situation calls for reflection in this regard.


Therefore, the study affirms that investing in training leaders capable of managing to provide a better work experience will improve productivity since employees will feel more aligned with the company's vision and corporate principles. Thus, companies will promote a better work environment that invites the return of the labor force and its permanence.

People do not resign from their jobs but their bosses. Studies on life satisfaction have an important measurement indicator, which is work, and this has more to do with how the employee relates to their boss than with the work itself.

According to the study, the workforce has said that it will not return. There lies the real power. Now it will be the employers who will have to decide if they like the conditions of their employees and if they strategically change their environment to generate an attractive work environment, generating favorable exchange links for both parties.

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