The best global brands of Chinese origin

There are Asian brands that have stood out for their excellent performance and durability.

Huawei President presents his P30 pro cell phone.

Huawei tops the list of the best brands worldwide originating from the Asian giant. / Photo: Reuters – Archive

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Chinese merchandise is usually associated with imitations or disposables, having minimal credibility. However, a large number of Chinese brands have shown that their competitive prices are not synonymous with poor quality. These are able to compare themselves and even be above other recognized companies, to the point that Chinese companies have managed to establish themselves in European and American markets, becoming valuable consumer brands. These 5 examples of important Chinese brands are to clarify that it is possible to obtain excellent quality from the Asian country.


China has excelled in the world of technology, and when it comes to smartphones, even more. According to the research firm Gartner, among the 5 best-selling smartphone brands worldwide in 2019, 3 come from China, accumulating 32.4% of the market among them. In this case, Huawei is the number one in China and second in the world – behind Samsung, ahead of Apple – and has 15.8% of the global share, increasing by 2.5% compared to 2018. Huawei has also entered in the top 100 of the most valuable brands according to the specialized economic magazine Forbes, occupying the 97th place with a value of 8 billion dollars.

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Outside of the technology industry, China has also achieved recognition in terms of the tire market. China has been forcefully present thanks to its variety of brands for different types of segments, favoring its economic prices. In the case of Maxxis Tires, it is considered the eighth-most valuable brand of tires worldwide, with a value of $ 890 million, according to the securities consultancy Brand Directory. In addition, it was awarded in Germany and Australia as the best vehicle tire.


On January 9, 2020, the data from @Euromonitor Consulting showed that Haier ranked first in the global retail volume of large household appliance brands in 2019, which was the 11th consecutive time that Haier ranked NO.1 in this area. #Qingdao #Haier

— InQingdao (@InQingdao) January 9, 2020

Regarding household appliances, China also has a presence with the Haier company. In Europe, Haier has stood out in six countries mainly with its washing machines, which have been classified by the OCU as the sixth most reliable brand in this segment. On the other hand, the market research company, Euromonitor International, has classified Haier as the most important brand of household appliances worldwide. This is because it is the best-selling in its segment within the retail market. Likewise, it has rewarded its development and innovation in manufacturing household appliances aligned with the "Internet of Things", according to what is reported in Home Appliances World.


Apart from smartphones, China has also achieved significant recognition in the computing industry, so much so that Lenovo is the best-selling brand of computers around the world in 2019. According to market analysis company Canalys, Lenovo owns 24.2% share in this market, with a significant increase compared to the previous year, closely followed by HP. On the other hand, CNET has classified the Lenovo Yoga 920 as the second best laptop available on the market, proving that this Chinese brand not only stands out for its prices but also for the top quality features it offers.


In e-commerce, China also has a large one, although not at the level of Amazon. Alibaba enters $ 40 billion in sales during 2019, making it the third largest e-commerce platform in the world, according to News. Likewise, it is the seventh most valuable company in the global market according to Forbes, as well as number 11 in terms of best digital companies of 2019.

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What are these improvements due to?

This increase in Chinese companies with a global presence is not a coincidence, and according to El País, China is taking steps to be more than a manufacturer of foreign companies and become a creator of products. This in order to stop depending on foreign trade to strengthen internal companies, based on a government plan called "Made in China 2025", in which they also seek to be more than "cheap labor", relying on the University education. For this reason, China quintupled the number of people who graduated in Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering majors, entering more and more young people in companies to encourage innovation.


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