These are the 10 companies with the highest gender equity in the workplace

The new ranking of gender equality in the workplace of the Equileap company reveals the best companies in this field, but it also shows that there is still a lot of work to be done

These are the 10 companies with the highest gender equity in the workplace

The gender equity research firm, Equileap, revealed statistics on the performance of the world's leading multinational brands in terms of gender equality at work. The American company General Motors obtained the best results and led the ranking, followed by the French company L'Oreal.

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General Motors and L'Oreal lead

From a possible maximum score of 100, both General Motors and L'Oreal obtained a score of 71, which is equivalent to a grade of B + in terms of gender equality at work. With 68 points they are followed by the French conglomerate Kering, owner of brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, and with 67 the US pharmaceutical Merck.

The top 10 turned out like this:

  1. General Motors (United States)
  2. L'Oreal (France)
  3. Kering (France)
  4. Merck (United States)
  5. Starhub (Singapore)
  6. Tele2 (Sweden)
  7. Westpac (Australia)
  8. National Australia Bank (Australia)
  9. Swedbank (Sweden)
  10. JP Morgan Chase (United States)

In its Gender Equality Global Report & Ranking for 2018, the firm evaluated the performance of all listed companies with a capitalization of more than 2 billion dollars in 23 developed countries, which gave them a total of 3.206 companies to evaluate.

In those 3,206 companies measured four aspects:

  1. Gender balance in the workforce and leadership of the company
  2. Equal compensation for work
  3. Inclusion of policies that promote gender equity
  4. The company's commitment to the empowerment of women, transparency, and accountability

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The performance of the companies in these four areas determined their score, their rating, and their location in the ranking, which according to the Equileap company, it is an important tool to show the progress made by the companies that really want to work towards the equity of gender beyond discourse.

Only two companies manage to eliminate the wage gap

Among the biggest concerns of Equileap, during the preparation of this report, is the reduction of the wage gap. According to the information, they measured the parity of salaries in two ways, one being the average salary of men and women in the totality of the company and the other being the salaries of men and women who occupied the same positions or that occupy positions with similar remuneration.

The only two companies to verify that there was wage equality in both categories were General Motors and Starhub, one of the leading telecommunications firms in Singapore.

The study also shows that the best represented country among the companies that do not show a wage gap within the total of the company is the United Kingdom, which contributes 41% of the companies that show to belong to this category, reflecting the success of the new regulations introduced by the parliament of this country.

Norway, Israel, and Belgium the countries with the best performance

Within the countries taken IGNORE INTO account to carry out the study, Norway, Israel, and Belgium showed the best performance. In Norway, for example, 43% of the eligible companies managed to enter the top 200 of the Equileap ranking. Norway is followed by Israel, with 40%, and Belgium, with 38%.

Among the countries eligible to participate in the study, the three worst performers were Japan, Austria ,and Ireland, since none of the three managed to enter a single company among the top 200 of Equileap.


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