This are the richest football teams in Latin America

Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are the countries with the most football clubs financially strong and valuable

Forbes Mexico published the list of the 50 most valuable soccer teams in America. According to the report, the Latin American countries with the highest number of football clubs on the list are Brazil (with 14 teams), Mexico (with 11 teams) and Argentina (with 7 teams). The criteria that were taken IGNORE INTO account to make the list were the value of the template, the value of the brand and the cost of the stadium (as long as it is owned by the club). However, it is important to note that the fact that one team is more valuable than another does not necessarily imply that it has more financial power.

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Another list, made by Soccerex , which presents a ranking of the 100 football clubs with the greatest financial power in the world, considers some different variables: the value of the staff, the fixed assets (value of the stadium itself, of the centers of training and other properties), the money in the bank, the investment potential and the net debt, which together constitute the Financial Financial Index used by this ranking.

The Soccerex list also highlights the financial strength of the Brazilian clubs (of which 11 teams are listed), the Mexicans (of which 9 teams are listed) and the Argentines (of which there are 3 teams). These are some of the teams that appear in both, or in at least one of the two lists:

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Corinthians of Brazil

The Brazilian team, valued at $ 462.2 million, ranks first on the list of the most valuable teams in the Americas and ranks 70th on Soccerex's list (eighth place among Latin American clubs) with a Football or Football Financial Index Index (FFI) of 0.286, was the champion of the Brazilian league in 2017. According to Forbes Mexico, the main resources of this club come from television rights, which correspond to USD $ 41.5 million annually.

This, together with its sponsorship revenues, which correspond to earnings of US $ 25 million during 2018, guarantees a good sum of income and contribute to the club's valuation in USD $ 462.2 million. However, this contrasts with the USD $ 144 million of net debt that Soccerex reports in its research, which is greater than that of other Latin American teams that figure higher on this list.

Guild of Brazil

According to Forbes Mexico, the current Copa Libertadores champion is valued at USD $ 313 million, which places him only below Corinthians and Palmeiras in Latin America. This valuation has to do with its base of 91,348 members and the USD $ 85.5 million in revenues received during the past year for advertising, television rights, ticket sales to home games and the sale of equipment merchandise.

However, if the Soccerex list is revised, it is not surprising that this team is ranked 95 worldwide (ranked 21 in Latin America) with an FFI of 0.061, as well as having fixed assets evaluated in almost USD $ 57 million (less than Corinthians and Palmeiras), has a net debt of USD $ 134.7 million.

Guadalajara Sports Club of Mexico

"Las Chivas" is not only the best-valued club in its country and the fourth-best valued in Latin America (at USD $ 281.8 million), it also appears as the second Latin American club with the most financial strength in the Soccerex ranking, appearing in the 43, worldwide.

According to the Soccerex report, this club not only has an investment potential of US $ 48.8 million and fixed assets valued at almost USD $ 186 million but also has the advantage of not having net debt.

Chivas has demonstrated its financial muscle, in December 2016 they made the most expensive signing of their history, the Mexican Rodolfo Pizarro, for USD $ 17.15 million, according to Transfermarkt, and they won the league in the season after that contract.

America of Mexico

According to Forbes Mexico, América has ceased to be the club "millionaire" of Mexico during the last years. Which has been, in part, by the budget cut that Televisa has had, its owner. The budget that, according to Forbes, does not exceed USD $ 30 million. Despite being the third most valuable club in Mexico (behind Guadalajara and Monterrey) and the tenth in Latin America, valued at USD $ 174.8 million, the Soccerex ranking continues to place it as the team with the greatest financial strength in Latin America, ranked number 40 worldwide.

Despite the budget cut, America has fixed assets valued at USD $ 139.4 million and an investment potential of USD $ 81.3 million. Which, together with its lack of net debt, places it in its privileged financial position. Despite its lack of titles in two years, the club secured the second most expensive signing of its history last June: the Colombian Roger Martinez, from the Villareal of Spain, which was booked for a figure of USD $ 9.8 million according to Transfermarkt.

River Plate and Boca Juniors of Argentina

Being two of the most traditional teams in Latin American football, the clubs of Buenos Aires, River Plate and Boca Juniors, are among the ten most valuable teams in the continent. The first of these, in the ninth position (USD $ 219.1 million) and the second, in the tenth position (USD $ 213.1) in the list published by Forbes Mexico.

In the Soccerex financial strength ranking, they are also very close to each other: Boca Juniors is ranked 76th worldwide (11 in Latin American, with an FFI of 0.191), while River Plate ranked 79th worldwide (12 in Latin American, with an FFI of 0.189).

Both teams present very similar financial figures: a relatively low net debt (US $ 24.4 million from Boca and US $ 40.6 million from River), as well as a number of fixed assets valued at an average level (USD $ 34.8 million per share). of Boca and US $ 37.1 million from River). According to Forbes Mexico, the sale of shirts and sponsorship contracts with companies such as Nike, BBVA and Huawei is what keeps Boca Juniors economically.


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