UnaDeDos: Initiative That Puts Equality on Foot To Achieve Progress

An initiative called “UnaDeDos” is a training focused on leadership given by a leading figure in the sector: Marta García-Valenzuela, an expert in sustainable leadership and diversity.

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This initiative is focused and will address, how to discover authentic and courageous leadership that represents women, working on some beliefs that can limit their potential, and reflecting on their purpose as leaders. Issues that Marta García-Valenzuela has been dealing with since she began her career on these issues, that is, approximately 11 years ago.

All this purpose will be carried out from Talengo, a firm of executives in search of executives and that, in addition, helps their clients in a leadership consultancy; this firm, being a partner of Marta García Valenzuela, already has global coverage on these issues.

Marta's goal, hand in hand with Talengo, is to build a more humane world by promoting sustainable leadership, with special emphasis on equality and inclusion, two extremely important factors. Likewise, as the businesswoman affirms, the focus of this leadership is based on generating profits and on the capitalist system of interest groups, but its objective is to get leaders to do business more responsibly, without neglecting social responsibility, generating value, and with a long-term view.

The “UnaDeDos” initiative especially captivated her, since she states that it is structured on clear impact pillars; in addition, something of the most important thing is that there is also an obvious part of the business for a sector that needs a lot of talent and here is the importance of having the eyes of men and women in the management. For this reason, Marta has the firm intention of helping in whatever way she can to transform organizations so that they are much more egalitarian places, where all people have the same opportunities.

This is where the mentality of the businesswoman plays an important role since she will work in these workshops on authentic and courageous leadership so that women see themselves reflected in their uniqueness, that they are a reference for other women, and favor more inclusive environments in the industry; however, she affirms that the idea that all female leaders are equal, focused on collaboration and empathy, which are fantastic qualities, should be put aside, but we must bear in mind that not all women are the same nor do we have the same strengths, which is not a bad thing either since the ideal is to be surrounded by diversity to work together.

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Marta García-Valenzuela bets on more diverse teams, but thinks that both perspectives, that of the man and that of the woman, are essential, which is why she believes that the level of tension in the gender conversation should be lowered, affirming that:

“Such polarized spaces do not help anyone. That is why I really like the UnaDeDos initiative because what it fundamentally works on is accelerating leadership within organizations, but it not only works with women but with the entire context of the sector so that the changes are profound and sustainable. When women advance, men do not regress, society advances. We have to focus on both parties so that we can all move forward”.

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