Women Economic Forum LATAM-Colombia 2023: A Call for Workplace Inclusion and Celebrating Diversity

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"It shouldn't be common for women to have to work much harder than men to earn their place," stated Claudia Palacios, writer, journalist, and television presenter, referring to the obstacles women face in their journey toward equal opportunities.

Palacios participated in the launch forum of the Women Economic Forum LATAM-Colombia 2023, where distinguished women experts and leaders in different fields discussed the main challenges for women's progress in various sectors.

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The renowned TV presenter referred to a UNDP report revealing that 7 out of 10 people consider women incapable of governing, highlighting the need to challenge societal biases and foster a more inclusive mindset.

María Eugenia Rengifo, President of Evolution Group and former member of the Presidential Advisory Council of Women Entrepreneurs for gender equality, emphasized that only 25% of women hold high-level positions or serve on boards of directors in companies in Colombia, underscoring the urgency to promote greater female participation and representation in the business sphere.

Alejandra Borrero, a recognized actress, and women's rights activist, shared her personal experiences of discrimination and gender-based violence. From a young age, Borrero felt the need to fight and pave the way for equal opportunities, driven by the perception that her brother enjoyed privileges denied to her.

Furthermore, she emphasized an alarming reality: 65,000 women are murdered each year in Latin America, demanding decisive actions to eradicate gender-based violence in the region.

Brigitte Baptiste, environmental leader, academic, and rector of the Universidad EAN, who hosted the launch, called for living without hiding our identity and without blaming ourselves for who we are. She invited the audience to take pride in themselves on the occasion of Pride Month and to break down the invisible barriers that limit each individual's potential.

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The panel concluded with the special participation of Sadhvi Bhagawati, a spiritual leader and advocate for peace, who urged the audience not to give up in the pursuit of their dreams and not to allow physical appearance or superficialities to define their worth. She also reminded everyone that each individual deserves equal opportunities and respect.

"Their contributions and experiences have been invaluable, inspiring attendees to continue working for gender equality and workplace inclusion," highlighted Karen Brugés, President of the Women Economic Forum WEF Latam-Colombia and CEO of the Fundación Mujeres Violeta, who moderated the panel.

"We still face significant challenges in terms of equal opportunities. According to recent studies, only 30% of women hold executive positions in companies in the region, which reflects a significant gap. All of us can build a future where gender equality is the norm and where everyone, regardless of gender, has the same opportunities to thrive and reach their full potential," detailed Brugés regarding part of the discussion that will take place during the event.

The Women Economic Forum – WEF LATAM Colombia 2023 will take place on July 27th and 28th at the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (BCC). This event, organized by the Fundación Mujeres Violeta and ALL Ladies League, with the support of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce, will bring together prominent leaders and change agents from across the region, who will share their knowledge, experiences, and strategies to promote gender inclusion and sustainable development in the business environment.

Join us for two days filled with inspiration, networking, and learning, where together we will create a positive impact and forge a more equitable and prosperous future. Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of the change.

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