7 soccer players who are also big investors

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Even though their bank accounts are full of zeros, these soccer players also invest in various businesses

7 soccer players who are also big investors

The times in soccer have changed, from clothing to life after their sports career comes to an end. In previous times, when the soccer players left the field they dedicated themselves to live thanks to their fame or their sports school. However, today, globalization and the business world have seduced more than one, not to mention those dedicated to radio and television broadcasts.

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We started with the richest player on the planet according to Diners magazine. If you were thinking about Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Neymar, you're wrong; it is the French Mathieu Flamini, one of the creators of GF Biochemicals, a company valued at more than 30 billion dollars.

He is not as well known for wearing the shirt of the Arsenal of England and Milan of Italy, but in the business world, since his company produces levulinic acid. According to the Department of Energy of the United States, this is a chemical that is one of the 12 key molecules to develop a more sustainable world, that is, it could replace fossil fuels in the future.

Another who amasses his fortune outside the green rectangle is Cristiano Ronaldo, known in the business world for his venture of 75 million euros invested in four hotels. He also launched a line of underwear and perfumes and acquired the famous Seven nightclub in his native country.

However, his ambition to fill more his pockets does not stop there as he also bought the company Dutton Invest, a company dedicated to the rental of jets and all types of aircraft. He is also an investor of the Mobitto company, which is dedicated to creating applications to build customer loyalty.

And the Latin American soccer players?

Lionel 'La Pulga' Messi took a leap from the playing field to multiple businesses that leave the not inconsiderable sum of 21 million euros, including an Argentine restaurant in Barcelona, as well as investments in hotels and family businesses.

In Uruguayan lands are several players who also have businesses, as is the case of Diego Lugano, who along with Diego Godín made a strong duo in business.

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On the one hand, in the sector of Carrasco they built a complex of apartments valued at 4.5 million dollars. On the other hand, they have several buildings in the Buceo neighborhood and the Cementos Charrúa factory, with which they import cement from Turkey. And if that were not enough, Lugano has shares in the Hyatt hotel chain.

It seems that the 'charrúas' are good for associations and to create businesses. This is the case of Luis Suárez, who did not miss his time at Liverpool and joined other players to create a company to buy and rent properties in the United Kingdom, which manages a portfolio of 357 million dollars.

One that is not of Latin blood but that has great influence in Colombia is Gerard Piqué, who with his Kosmos company won the Tennis Davis Cup, reformed his 'fixture' and will have in his hands a budget of 2,500 million of euros to allocate for 25 years in the tournament.

Likewise, Piqué moves in businesses like Kerad Games (video games), Kypers (glasses), Natrus (ecological hamburgers), (e-sports) and isotonic drinks.


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