Do you know what nature deficit disorder is?

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Here we tell you what it is, how it is treated, and to whom it affects

Do you know what nature deficit disorder is?

Nature deficit disorder has been classified as one of the illness of this century. Every time we spend more time inside our offices, homes, shopping centers, etc., than in contact with the environment.

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Therefore, this disorder is precisely the disconnection between humans and nature. Although it is not a recognized medical condition, this disorder is characterized because we ignore the natural world that surrounds us and we are more in connection with technology.

According to the BBC, children are the most affected by nature deficit disorder. With the passage of time, the way to play and have fun has been modified precisely by technological advances, so that children stay more time in contact with electronic devices than with nature.

This media highlights that although there is no scientific research to support the symptoms, these are some conditions experienced by people with this disorder:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Attention fatigue
  • Obesity
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Hypovitaminosis D
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How does this disorder arise?

The term began to be used and studied in 2008 when Richard Louv released his book 'The Last Child of the Woods'. From that moment, educators and parents have more in mind that the link with the outside world is essential for children to have a better development and that from early ages they learn to respect the environment.

In an interview with Babies and more, "the professor of Environmental Psychology of the UAM, José Antonio Corraliza, says that 'the Nature Deficit Disorder is part of a set of problems that, generically, are called psychoterratic diseases, which they are disorders that have their origin in a deficit or pathological relationship with the environment in which we live'".

What can be done?

To avoid it and treat it, it is recommended to maintain an adequate relationship with nature from a very young age. In this way, you and your children will learn to live and respect nature.

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You can perform the following activities:

  • Ecotourism
  • Walks in the park
  • Picnincs
  • Visits to the beach
  • Bathing in a river
  • Interact with animals on a farm


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Translated from “¿Sabes qué es el trastorno por déficit de naturaleza?”

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