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The Woman Post invites you to listen to these audiobooks so that you become an expert in the subject of cryptocurrencies while doing everyday day-to-day activities.

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Recently data from an N26 survey called "Women and Investing: Studying the Gender Gap" revealed that investing helps us increase our savings, create long-term wealth, and support projects we believe in. The findings indicate that the research was conducted on more than 16,000 women in 5 European markets. In addition, experts believe that women invest 29% less than men. However, almost 2 out of 3 women want to invest more in 2022. Even European women invest an average of 857.52 Euros of their monthly income; most invest between 100 and 499 Euros per month. Austrian women are the ones who invest the most, with an average of 999.37 Euros per month. However, 70% of women investors say they want to increase their investments over the next year.

On the other hand, empowering women to invest is the boom in technology and digitalization, because at least 60% of women consider that men dominate investments. That is why the data collected suggest several perspectives of women who take training to make investments. In addition, specialists suggest that access to educational resources should be promoted, and gender inequalities recognized and addressed.

The report shows that the challenges for women investors are a 45% lack of money. However, there are also risk aversion, lack of time, uncertainty about my financial stability, lack of knowledge, lack of interest, concern about the current and future pandemics, lack of confidence, and concern about possible crises.

The N26 web portal implemented a space linked to Google Pay or Apple Pay to organize your savings according to the objectives. This digital initiative includes a MasterCard card with your fingerprint to keep you in control of your finances. Experts excelled in a special whim for women who want to emerge today and tomorrow.

Cryptocurrencies, a 30-day guide for beginners, become a cryptocurrency expert

Jared Snyder

The audiobook reveals the strange world of cryptocurrencies and lays out a plan for investing. The author gives you a gold mine, where he shows you a complete guide on how to succeed in cryptocurrencies, in addition, to teaching you about the blockchain and potentiating the knowledge of mining.

On the other hand, it gives you a clear knowledge of how to identify the most profitable currency, how to create a digital wallet, and how to have a comfortable life.

The Smart Investor

Benjamin Graham

The audiobook is considered a bible for investments in cryptocurrencies because just by listening to it you get great economic returns. In addition, the author gives you an in-depth program to organize your productive thinking and develop in life, both emotionally and financially.

On the other hand, it becomes a mandatory reading for women who want to enter operations on the stock exchange.

How to make a living from Day Trading

Andrew Aziz

This audiobook offers the female community several possibilities and tools related to trading, in addition, to the way to plan your business with Day Trading strategies that can be implemented in the markets daily. This audiobook gives an idea of how to develop strategies and make you a successful trader.

Money: Master the game

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins explains in 7 steps how to control your finances to achieve success. The author develops a compendium of interviews with finance experts and manages to obtain a detailed study with an effective method to control your future. The audiobook gives women simple steps to allow them financial freedom and take advantage of great opportunities that come their way in life.

The Cryptocurrency Bible

Jared Snyder

The author develops the business keys to succeed with Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Ethereum. The writer developed a compilation of guides and gathers valuable information to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies. In addition, it offers not only basic concepts of cryptocurrencies and some investment strategies, but also provides useful tips and tricks when investing.

Forcefully, The Woman Post believes that these audiobooks will train you not only in knowledge, but also create skills and abilities to make good investments in cryptocurrencies. The medium invites all women to listen to all audiobooks and be part of this world in which you will achieve the vision of a great investor

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